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   Chapter 582 One Night In The Alley (Part One)

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"Was there ever a time when you hated me?"

Terence asked in a hoarse voice.

Whenever the thought of not being able to see her ever again crossed his mind, the pain from the unbearable heartache almost overwhelmed and choked him.

Shooting him a glance, Carla gritted her teeth and told him the truth, "Of course, there was. Especially when I was in labor, I've probably cursed you about a hundred times, maybe even more. That time I thought that if I ever got to see your face again someday, I would definitely..."

Saying that, Carla reached out her hand, acting as though she was about to twist his arm. That being said, she ended up not doing it when her eyes met his sincere gaze.

"But that's all in the past, and I've learned to live with it now."

Carla's heart felt more at ease as she leaned into his shoulder. "To be honest, when I look back on what happened, I think it was all worth it in the end."

She had never been the type of woman who'd complain a lot.

It was she who made that choice herself at that time. Since there was no way to change the past anymore, she couldn't put the blame on anybody else.

It wouldn't make a difference even if she despised Terence for that.

"Why do you think that?" Terence asked. With his dark eyes fixated on her, Terence couldn't help but feel impressed by how positive she was being toward life. From the way she looked right now, it seemed as though she could always get back on her feet no matter what was thrown at her.

"Four years of my life in exchange for all of this. I've been blessed with such a lovely daughter. I think of it as a deal I've made with God, so it was all totally worth it," Carla told him.

Carla always believed that living life would be much easier once you learned to perceive things differently.

Hearing her response, Terence wrapped his arm

an actual human being.

In that moment, she was so desperate to call for someone's help, only to find out that they had taken her phone with them as well.

As she struggled to move around for a while, she finally managed to pick herself up from the ground, covering herself up with tattered clothes. She kept staggering for God knows how long until she came across a public phone booth.

As for the city itself, there wouldn't be any phone booths in there anymore. It was quite fortunate that there was still one left in this desolate area.

With her hands still shivering from the trauma, the woman looked so distraught as she dialed a number.

At that moment, Rhys who had just fallen asleep was lying in bed right next to Eunice.

Eunice seemed to be a bit different today. All day, she did nothing but keep pestering him, acting like a sweet and considerate wife. Seeing her behaving like that, Rhys thought that it might be a good idea to spend the night at home.

Be that as it might, Rhys's phone rang all of a sudden.

When he saw that it was Olivia who was calling him, Rhys couldn't help but frown. Why was this woman calling him in the dead of the night? Didn't she realize that right now was a bad time?

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