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   Chapter 581 A Huge Step (Part Two)

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——How are things going there? Did the two of you get into an argument again?

It wasn't too long before she finally received a reply from her. However, Violet simply sent her a picture without saying anything else.

Feeling a bit confused, Carla tried to zoom in a little and realized that it was a photo of a hotel room. Judging from the interior decoration and the furniture in it, it wasn't that difficult to guess that they were probably in one of the luxury hotels in JA City.

'Hmm... Wait a second! What's that?'

She zoomed it in a bit more and carefully examined a certain part of the picture. After a while, she suddenly let out an audible chuckle.

Why was there half a leg visible in the corner of this picture…? But more importantly, why did it look like it belonged to a man?

'The corner is most certainly a part of the bathroom. And the foot wearing a slipper is… It looks so familiar… Oh, I know now! That's William's leg! What?! So, does that mean…?'

——I can't believe it! You actually went and doggone slept with him! Violet, how could you give in just like that?

After a little while, Violet sent her another reply.

——Do you seriously think that I'm such an easy and wild girl? He was so insistent on taking my son and I to stay at another hotel. But what's more, he wouldn't take no for an answer and even said he wouldn't leave until he was done bathing Cody! What am I supposed to do?

When she heard those words, Carla collected her thoughts and told her what she had in mind.

——I honestly don't see anything wrong with it. It's a role he has to fulfil. You have been taking care of your son all by your lonesome for the past four years. Don't you think it's about time that he did something to make up for it? Trust me, you don't have to put up resistance. Just let him do what he wants so he could make it up to your son. That should be enough.

Although Carla might have been trying to comfort her through the words she said, she

After all, those four long years had become quite an unforgettable part of her life.

But Terence viewed it differently, whenever he heard the name of the BT Village, thoughts of all of the pain and hardships that Carla had gone through kept on playing in his head.

"It was nothing. But I have to admit, when it started, I felt a little uncomfortable. But later on, when I was pregnant with Sally and I had already gotten used to their way of living, the only wish I had in mind was just to be able to give birth to her safely. And because she was looking forward to seeing own daughter Sally, her everyday life seemed to have become lovely and beautiful."

She recalled the inner struggle she had back then. Time passing by so quickly, simply increased her fears and tormented her deep inside. Truth be told, she was lying when she said that things were actually going well and that she was still fine.

"Down the line, I started worrying that, if I wouldn't be able to get out of this place until the day I die, then what was the point of giving birth to her?"

Carla whispered under her breath, reflexively raising her head to shoot him a glance.

It was only then that she realized that the man holding her in his arm was peering straight into her eyes through his complex and profound but gentle eyes.

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