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   Chapter 578 Catching Pheasants Barehanded

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"No, Carla, you're just overthinking things!" Sean said, with an amused look on his face, still trying to catch his breath.

Since Sean saw it quite differently, Carla didn't bother bringing up the topic any longer. She turned around to check the hunting ground from where they were standing.

In one part of the field, Violet was trying to shoot down a pheasant. But because she never really had any experience with handling a gun, she was having such a hard time. Some of the shots she took only startled the pheasants and nearby hares, causing them to scamper around.

In a fit of anger, she threw the gun on the ground, rolled up her sleeves, and darted toward the field herself, intending to catch the pheasants using her bare hands.

As soon as the people there saw her enter the field, everyone had no choice but to stop shooting.

Everyone was left so dumbfounded that they simply chose to watch as Violet ran around the hunting grounds, desperately trying to catch a pheasant.

Seeing her friend doing her best all by herself in there without anyone willing to lend a helping hand, Carla pulled up her sleeves as well and jumped in the hunting ground to help Violet catch something.

Because of that, everyone around them continued watching these two women and their peculiar actions—one was trying to block the pheasants' escape route while the other was responsible for catching them.

Other onlookers who might not be familiar with Carla and Violet might think that these two had gotten a few loose screws.

However, for those who knew them quite well like Terence, Rainer, and Nathan, they could tell why Carla would do such a thing. After all, Carla already had a bit of experience with shooting, so there shouldn't be a need for her to bother chasing after pheasants barehanded.

In spite of that, she was still more than willing to help Violet catch the pheasants without a care in the world how others might view her actions.

The fact of the matter was that she was there to accompany her friend and help her blow off some steam.

"Ah, I caught one! I caught one!'

After a while, running all over the field, Violet managed to capture a black and red pheasant! As though she were on top of the world, she raised her hand and waved away the pheasants' feathers over her head, showing it off to the people outside the fence.

Terence forced a cough to give the others a signal. Then, he was the first to clap his hands.

Of course, William clapped his hands as well, actually feeling quite amazed that Violet was able to pull it off.

When they saw the two men clapping their hands, the people outside the fence proceeded to give the two women who had been chasing after pheasants a big round of applause in spite of how weird they might have looked.

In JA City, there were numerous wealthy ladies who mindlessly threw money down the drain, not to mention the material girls who perceived money as the most important thing in the world. Those women seemed proper, beautiful, and very liberal.

That being said, only a handful of women could act as easy-going and carefree as these two—Carla and Violet.

But it should

Cody bully you in any way?"

Carla asked, sounding a bit angry.

Sally simply shook her head as a response to Carla's question.

Seeing Sally looking so down in the dumps, Cody opened his mouth to stand up for her.

"Auntie, please don't blame Sally. I was the one who said I wanted to play with her."

Hearing Cody's response, Sally quickly nodded her head in agreement and added, "That's right! Cody said that he was going to play with me no matter what I wanted to do! So, I told him that I wanted to dress him up like a beautiful little prince..."

However, the little prince in front of them right now wasn't really that beautiful whatsoever.

As they were having that conversation...

"Alright!" Violet exclaimed before putting her phone into her pocket. "I'm done recording my 'beautiful' son!"

Upon saying that, she turned to Carla and said, "Carla, don't take it so seriously! You shouldn't be so hard on your daughter. They're just children! It's not unusual for kids like them to play such games. And besides, Sally is a girl. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that she prefers to play games like giving someone a makeover.

Just let Cody wash it off of his face. Don't scold Sally anymore."

Cody nodded along and added, "Yes, Auntie! I can easily wash my face later. It's alright! I don't really mind."

Then, Cody walked over toward Violet and had her accompany him to the restroom in order to get his face washed up.

"You're such a naughty girl!" Carla told Sally after Violet and Cody had left the room to go to the bathroom.

After that, Carla went after them to give Cody the cleansing toner. After all, most of the cosmetic products she had were waterproof and quite hard to take off, so using cleansing toner would be necessary.

As soon as Cody was done cleansing his face, Carla and Violet took their children and headed out of the An Manor.

They intended to head back to the Seaview Villa to stay there for the night.

The second the four of them stepped out of the An Manor, they found out that William's car was still parked just outside the gate.

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