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   Chapter 577 Good Shot, Babe

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One of the other teams had been chasing Sean from the moment the game started.

That might have been the case, but the people who were coming after Sean had never even shot at him, not even once. Instead, it simply appeared as though they were playing a game of hide-and-seek with him, leaving Sean no choice but to keep running around like crazy.

When she noticed that her little brother had been frantically running around, completely inexperienced with games like this, Carla picked up her gun right away and aimed at one of the men who kept on chasing Sean.

However, just as she was about to take the shot, Terence stopped her from doing so and warned her, "Try not to alarm them. They're a bit different from Theo. Once you shoot at them, they would most certainly be able to pinpoint our location in no time."

"But they're picking on Sean. You can't expect me to sit back and relax knowing that he's in danger,"

Carla blurted out, sounding so ticked off. Despite not being on the same team, she just couldn't help herself from wanting to keep her little brother out of harm's way.

"He's gonna be just fine. Trust me on this. "Sean is the youngest one among all of us. I'm sure they're just messing with him. Besides, if they wanted to shoot him, they would've done so already and he would be already be 'dead'" Terence told her in rather a calm tone. —

That being said, without warning, Carla took the shot just as Terence had finished talking.

Terence was at such a loss in that moment. Bringing out his binoculars to have a look, one of the men who was chasing Sean had actually been taken out.

"Babe, you..."

"What's the matter? Is something wrong?"

"Nothing. Forget about it. That was a good shot, babe."

"You tell me. Even if we're not playing on the same team, I'll come and save him even if I have to put my life on the line."

"I know. I get it, babe."

Glancing over at the man who had just been shot, Terence saw that he was still caught in a daze with his smoking hat.

And because they had already revealed their position, Terence had to be quick on his feet as he lifted Carla up. He couldn't do a thing but smile apologetically at the man who had just been eliminated, pointing a finger toward Carla.

That was a way to tell him that it was a result of friendly fire.

She might have seen him do it, but Carla was completely clueless as to what it actually meant. Truth be told, she was quite proud of her shooting skills. Even though she had practiced shooting before, it had already been ages since the last time she had picked up a gun.

Even Carla had a hard time believing she didn't miss the shot.

The second they tried to move from where they were hiding, Carla and Terence immediately caught Theo's attention.

Now that Theo was all by himself, he was completely dead set on getting revenge for his fallen teammate. Having that goal in mind, when he spotted the couple as they were moving to a different location, he quickly aimed the gun at them.

"Stop! Don't

d for the car to pick him up.

Now, four people had been eliminated in total, the remainder of the fight was not gonna be an easy one.

Nathan was highly skilled in shooting too, but he had been protecting Sean all throughout the game.

But Sean was the one who was being chased the most. Carla might have managed to eliminate one man, but there were still three other men coming after him.

Despite being singled out, Sean had no intention to give in. He still made an effort to remain hidden.

Carla wanted to lend Sean a helping hand once more but she was pulled away by Terence.

After an hour of playing, the game was finally over.

After taking some time to rest, a group of people headed for the hunting grounds once more.

This time, they fought using shotguns.

They could all enjoy a picnic as soon as they're done hunting. There were even some professionals who could help them process the meat and prepare the seasoning before grilling it. They could simply have a good time and enjoy the barbecue when they're done.

On the hunting ground... Violet who wasn't able to enjoy the first round at all after getting eliminated so quickly was eager to enjoy the game to its fullest this time around. William decided to just stay by her side.

"Sean, are you alright?" Carla asked as she was sitting right beside Sean.

He was rather out of breath after all that running around and hiding in the shooting field.

"I'm perfectly fine, sis. Those guys were just trying to mess with me because they think I'm the youngest one here." Sean smiled at her, seemingly as cool as a cucumber.

He was aware that one of them had been eliminated by his sister. Otherwise. he could've been even more exhausted than he was at this point.

"Are you sure? But from the way I saw it, it looked like they were deliberately trying to take you out..."

Carla replied, feeling a bit skeptical.

Although those men had already been gone for a while, she still clearly felt that something seemed to be quite amiss.

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