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   Chapter 576 Sorry, I Hit The Wrong Target (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5859

Updated: 2019-12-01 01:41

Waving his hand at the two, he proudly shouted, "Goodbye!"

After a few minutes of waiting, Rainer arrived at the field to pick up the two who had just been taken out and escorted them back to the base.

With that, one team had been eliminated from the game in no time at all.

The game went on.

On the other side, Carla was running just right behind Terence. After moving around for some time, she was starting to feel a bit exhausted. Because of that, she had to stop for a second as she looked at Terence while gasping for air. That being said, Terence was so light on his feet, so Carla had no choice but to follow close behind him despite being so out of breath.

When it started, she felt a bit reluctant to participate in it. However, now that she had already taken part in the game, she couldn't help but take the game seriously as she had always found it hard to admit defeat.

And although keeping themselves holed up in a perfect hiding spot could help ensure their safety, it wouldn't make the game interesting if they were to stay in one place for too long.

But above all else, Terence preferred to move on his own pace, so he had been trying to find the best location to snipe the other teams the whole time.

Turning back to check up on her, Terence put his arm around her waist and hoisted her up into the higher mound in front of him. "Carla, try to keep yourself hidden in here for a while. Over here, you can see Theo's hiding place. I'm gonna take him out first."

"That's going to be just a piece of cake for you, right?"

Carla tried her best to conceal her location, and she even thought she could finally get a chance to catch her breath.

"Carla, you shouldn't look down on Theo too much. He has also served i

ous, and there are many people coming along as well. What do you think about holding a bonfire party?"

At that moment, Carla wasn't really paying that much attention to Terence. She grabbed her binoculars and noticed every single move that Theo made. "Okay, time for you to stop talking. Theo seems to have found a good hiding spot. Are you still not planning to shoot him yet?"

This time, Terence finally took up his gun and aimed at Theo. However, instead of eliminating him directly, he only shot at the ground around Theo's feet.

And from the distance, Theo could be seen jumping around as he checked his surroundings, much like a frightened bird, upon realizing that he was being shot at.

Seeing Theo's reaction, Terence burst into laughter as he took his gun back.

Knowing that his location had been located by the others, Theo had no choice but to move someplace else once again. He began carefully searching for a better hiding spot to stay in.

As that was happening, Carla's eyebrows were deeply knit when she saw the scene that was playing out on the other side of the mountain through her telescope. At that moment, she felt a bit strange.

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