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   Chapter 575 Sorry, I Hit The Wrong Target (Part One)

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"Violet, I think you're seriously underestimating me. Finding out things like that is just a walk in the park for me.

Even if you were so careful about it that you didn't even tell your relatives that you didn't have an abortion, I'll still have my ways to find out about it. After all, you have been bringing the baby along with you everywhere you went in the past couple of years, so it shouldn't be that hard for me to put the pieces together and realize that you didn't get an abortion and kept our baby!" William exclaimed.

Of course, there was no way William could ever tell her that it was Carla who told him about this news by accident. Noticing the flustered look on her face, he held Violet's hand and assured her, "Don't worry. I'm not going to take the child away from you.

My parents hadn't found out about it as well. So, there's no need for you to worry about anything."

Truth be told, in his eyes, although the baby wasn't really the vital factor, the baby's existence indeed strengthened his resolve to keep patiently waiting for her to come back into his arms.

"Okay, I'm glad that you're sensible enough to think this way. Cody is my child. Don't go having any weird ideas about stealing him from me! If you dare to think about it, I swear I'm going to hate you for a lifetime."

Violet gave him a fair warning.

Since she was the one who gave birth to Cody, not to mention the fact that the child was a boy, she couldn't dare let the Qi family find out about him.

She knew William's parents quite well. Because of that, she was scared that his parents would arrange for people to find a way to get their grandchildren back at all costs.

"Violet, why can't you just learn from Carl

er own gun yet!

Seeing her in a fit of rage, William also came over and yelled at Theo, "Hey! Give me a shot as well! I'm going to keep her company!"

"Sure! My pleasure! I'll send the two of you down!" Theo proudly replied.

Then, he immediately raised his gun and aimed it at William.

But as soon as he took the shot, he realized that he hit the wrong target.

A wisp of green smoke arose from Violet's hat once more. She looked so pissed off as she glared at Theo and yelled, "Mr. Theo, I'm already 'dead'. Why did you shoot me a second time!? Were you afraid that I might come back alive again?"

"Sorry about that! I'm really sorry. I just made a mistake!" Theo hurled back.

Repositioning himself a bit, he aimed at William one more time.

This time, William made Violet stand behind him to ensure that he was the one who would get shot.

It should go without saying that if Theo were to miss William a second time, he would be the one who felt ashamed the most.

Fortunately for him, the result didn't end up being so bad. Theo successfully made the shot and William was eliminated from the game, just as he expected.

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