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   Chapter 572 Caring Cody (Part Two)

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"Cody, Mommy is planning to go somewhere later this afternoon. Will it be okay if I let you stay over at Aunt Carla's house with Sally?"

As soon as he heard that, Cody put down his toys and walked over toward Violet.

"I'm okay with it. But, I'm afraid that Sally doesn't really want to play with me..."

Cody said as he lowered his head, feeling so down in the dumps. The last time he played with Sally, she looked so bored with him that she even ran away.

Cody grew up without having a father. Despite being only four years of age, he was already quite sensible. The two of them, Cody and Violet, were always on the move. But throughout all of that, he had never really caused much trouble for Violet.

There were times when Violet couldn't look after him because of work, so he would willingly stay at home all by himself.

"That won't happen! I'm sure of it! You've only played with her once. Once you get to know each other more, you're gonna be just fine! Alright, now what do you say? Do you want to go or not?"

He was still a child, but Violet totally respected his decision nonetheless. So, she asked him directly.

"I want to go!"

Cody nodded his head in agreement as he thought about Sally's cute and adorable smile.

"Carla? It's settled! My son said yes to it!" Now that Cody gave her the go signal, Violet immediately reported back to Carla.

"Alright then! I'll give you an address. You can just come over and take Cody along with you this afternoon. After you drop him here, we'll go together. And when we get back, I'll just ask the driver to pick Cody up and bring him to you!"


old her out.

"Really? Are you sure you don't remember anything like that?"

Carla burst into laughter and gently spanked her. "In any case, Mommy is going out with Aunt Violet in the afternoon. So, you have to promise that you're gonna be a good host and keep your little friend company. Understood?"

Carla wasn't that worried about their safety given the fact that there were a number of servants staying in the house. With that keeping her heart at ease, she was certain that nothing bad could possibly happen to the kids as they would be there to keep them safe.

"Okay! I got it!"

Sally rolled her eyes and told Carla.

Carla had lunch at the An Manor while waiting for Violet.

Eunice, on the other hand, had already left with Eric earlier in the morning.

She wasn't trying to avoid Carla whatsoever.

It just so happened that she needed to send Eric to school. Right after dropping him off, she parked her car outside the building of Rhys' company in order to spy on him.

As soon as Rhys drove away, she quickly followed him as cautiously as she could.

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