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   Chapter 569 The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6188

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Eunice bit her lips as she watched his receding figure. Almost at the same time, the feeling of sadness and hate came rushing in her heart.

For what seemed like forever, she stood there silently, not moving an inch.

When she caught Rhys cheating on her for the first time, she lashed out at him. She had screamed at him and thrown everything that her hands could get a hold of. She had even thought of divorcing him.

However, Edmund had stepped in and tried to resolve the issue. He had promised her that he was going to let her manage the whole family since Carla had been missing.

She couldn't say no because she had been wanting to be the hostess of the family for as long as she could remember. The offer made her hatred subside.

Rhys had also promised her that he would not cheat on her again. So without a second thought, she forgave him and she had never looked back. They went back to being perfect and in love. It was like the cheating had never happened and everything went back to normal.

However, three months later, he had done it again.

After that, she couldn't even keep track of how many times he had cheated on her.

At that moment, she had gotten numbed from the constant cheating that he had been doing.

Most days, Rhys would come home late at night from "business meetings". Sometimes, he would even tell her that he had to spend a couple of nights out of town for a "business trip". But they both knew those were just lies that he kept on telling her.

So instead of dwelling on this constant disappointment and pain, she started to devote all of her time, attention and love to her son.

She seemed to have accepted the fact that she couldn't rely on her husband anymore. She was just glad to have her son by her side.

She even thought that there was a high possibility that

her son would be the ne

w Eunice, he immediately frowned but he still greeted her politely.

Then, he held Carla by the waist and said, "Honey, do you mind helping me pick up a tie for this shirt?"

When she heard that, Carla turned to look at Eunice and was about to say something but Eunice spoke first.

"Oh, it looks like you're busy. We'll see you later then."

She then turned around with her son and headed back towards their room.

A few steps later, she turned around. She saw Terence and Carla as they were walking towards their room. His hand was still on her waist.

He was so handsome, and his eyes were filled with so much love as they were fixated on Carla. Eunice couldn't tear her eyes away from the couple.

In her heart, jealousy and longing for something like that started to form.

Seeing how much Terence and Carla loved each other, she couldn't help but think about her own marriage and how unhappy and lonely she had been feeling lately, especially last night. It was true that in her own way she managed to stay strong and get used to the unfortunate thing that was her marriage. However, when she saw how happy other couples could be in their marriages, she was reminded of how pathetic and abandoned she really was.

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