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   Chapter 568 The Hostess Of The An Family (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-29 03:39

Carla only gave birth to a girl. That means she isn't qualified to be the hostess of the family whatsoever! Why should my son have to apologize to her daughter?"

Watching as this woman in front of him blurted out those words, Rhys couldn't help but shake his head. Disappointment filled his eyes.

"Eunice, I don't think that you even realize that Carla is still the hostess of the An family. As for us, we aren't even qualified to be in charge of the family. Do you seriously think that it would be a good idea to keep spoiling Eric like this?" he asked.

Turning to the other side, Eunice sneered, "I think it's still much too early to be saying that. Nothing is set in stone yet.

According to the family tradition, family property should be passed down to the male heirs rather than the female heirs. How could Carla, who only has a daughter, become fit to stand as the hostess of the An family? And let's say that I accept it, will father agree to it?"

If Terence was Edmund's only child, then there was a possibility for his daughter to be the one to inherit the family's properties.

However, he isn't the only child!

At this moment, Eric was regarded as the male heir in the family.

That just meant that there was no telling who would end up being in charge of the family in the future.

"Eunice, stop being too optimistic. Have you already forgotten that it was said that Carla couldn't give birth to kids? But now what we have seen with our very eyes? She already has a daughter! How can you be so certain that she won't give birth to other kids?"

Rhys knitted his eyebrows as he reminded her of that fact. From the very

m," Rhys was much too tired to even be arguing with her at this point, so he headed toward the living room.

When she saw him walking away, Eunice felt a bit miserable and frantically grabbed his arm all of a sudden. "Rhys, stop! Could you please just promise me that you're gonna stop seeing that other woman?

I swear I'm gonna change for as long as you can promise me that you'll end everything that has to do with her. That way, we can still have a happy life."

It had been about 4 or 5 years since they tied the knot. They had been so happy being in each other's arms for the first year, but after that, they had constantly been at each other's throats.

It came to the point where they didn't even know when things started going south and when they stopped being affectionate toward each other.

Truth be told, Eunice couldn't even remember the last time they made love to each other.

"Eunice, it's already late. You should just go to bed... I also want to get some sleep."

Completely ignoring her pleading, Rhys shook off her hand and headed straight toward the living room.

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