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   Chapter 567 The Hostess Of The An Family (Part One)

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Inside the room.

"Daddy, I don't like Aunt Eunice and Eric,"

Sally curled her lips and grumbled to Terence.

In truth, she didn't really hate Eric at all. She was actually even willing to keep playing with him. That being said, what Eunice had just said made her feel extremely uncomfortable, causing her to start disliking Eric.

Terence couldn't hold back his chuckle as he lay on the bed with Sally sitting right beside him. So, he just told her, "Honey, please don't be upset. After all, Grandpa has already taught him a lesson for you. We don't really have to do anything but wait. I believe that someone is going to stand up for you.

But above all else, I think you did a good job earlier. You were right to cry and speak for yourself. Come here, let daddy give you a kiss as a prize."

Upon saying that, Terence planted a kiss on Sally's cheek and continued, "I'll tell you what. If you ever get bullied in the future but you don't have a way to defend yourself, just cry as loud as you possibly can. Do you hear me?"

Getting a kiss from her daddy, Sally felt at ease, so she wrapped her arms around his neck and nodded her head.

"But what about when I'm capable of fighting back?" she asked, feeling a bit curious.

"Then try your best to fight back at all costs," Terence replied.

"Okay," the little girl replied despite not fully understanding what it meant.

As she listened to their conversation, Carla couldn't hold back her laughter. Lightly patting Sally's back, she said, "Alright, sweetie. That's enough for now. Get off of daddy. It's time for bed."

Considering the fact that she was still a little girl, it would be quite hard for Sally to defend


The moment Rhys showed up, he led her into the hall and proceeded to give her an earful for not being able to teach her son well.

"Eunice, was there anything wrong with what I said? You've been wrapping Eric in cotton wool ever since he was a little baby. You wouldn't even allow anyone to scold or lay a hand on him. Now you tell me what kind of a boy our son is gonna end up being?"

Thinking of how full of himself his son was being, Rhys still felt truly ashamed of him.

If Eric were simply acting this way in their own house, then that was perfectly fine. However, they were staying at the An Manor along with his father as well as Terence's family.

It wasn't as simple as Eric humiliating himself. Instead, what he did had disgraced his parents.

Be that as it might, Eunice was rather confident with Eric's upbringing so she had a bias toward him.

"No matter what kind of boy he ends up being, he is still my son!"

Sticking out her chin, Eunice glared at Rhys with a smug look on her face and said, "No one has the right to bully my son! But above all else, he is the only heir of the An family.

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