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   Chapter 566 Sally's Cry

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Terence frowned. He glanced at the servant who was responsible for watching the kids. "You were supposed to be watching them. What happened?"

The servant glanced at Eunice with a scared look, and she lowered her head.

She saw what happened but she knew she couldn't say anything about it. She knew very well about Eunice's character. If she offended her, she was not going to have an easy time working for the An family.

"Terence, let it go. They are just kids. It's normal for them to fight over toys. You don't need to take it so seriously,"

Eunice said. She lowered her head and looked at his son who was too afraid to talk.

Eunice didn't like that her son was terrified of Terence. He wasn't afraid of his father and grandpa.

But every time he saw Terence, he wouldn't dare say a word.

Sally started crying again after listening to Eunice.

"Ugh! No! Eric and his mommy are bad people. They bullied me! Ugh-ugh!"

Meanwhile, Carla had just gotten out of the bathroom and heard her daughter's distinctive loud cry. She quickly put on her clothes and rushed downstairs.


Carla called as she was running to her daughter.

Sally opened her arms and cried even harder, "Ugh-ugh! Mommy, Aunt Eunice and Eric are mad at me!"

"Oh, really? Why is that? Did you do something wrong?"

Carla picked her up and held her. She wiped her baby's tears and asked her. Even though she was just three years old, Carla knew she would not lie.

If it was just kids fighting for toys, Carla would let it go. But if Eunice was involved in, Carla would not let it pass without handling it.

Terence glanced at a panic-stricken Eunice and the servant. The servant still had her head down.

His dark eyes turned even darker.

Carla had been missing for the past four years, and Eunice had been the only woman in the family. She had been getting whatever she wanted, and that was all she cared about. Eunice and Eric were getting too overbearing.

Now, his wife and daughter were back, so he had to do something.

This family should have a new hostess now.

"Mommy, Aunt Eunice said I am the little sister so I should let Eri

take it out on a kid," Carla said casually and picked Sally up into her arms.

"Sally, let's go to bed. Okay?"

Sally nodded and shot at Eunice and Eric an angry look. Then, she held Carla's neck and let her mommy carry her to their room.


Not long after they were in their room, Terence walked in.

"Where did you go?"

Carla didn't know where Terence went. However, she knew he was right to stay away from the situation.

If he stood up for Sally and Rhys stood up for Eric, the situation would have been worse.

"Nowhere. You know what happened though, don't you? Eric took Sally's toy. Eunice came and helped her son. She asked Sally to give the toy to Eric and said few bad words. Sally didn't want to give up her toy so she started crying."

Terence had gone to talk to the servant.

He wanted to know if it was just a kids' fight like Eunice had said.

If it was, he would just let it go.

But that wasn't the case and Eunice had bullied his daughter. He was going to teach her a lesson.

Sally had just come into his life. He was not going to watch people mistreat her.

Thinking of what just happened, Terence cracked a big and satisfied smile. He couldn't feel prouder for having such a smart daughter. Her tears and complaints had successfully won Edmund's favor. Edmund was going to have a serious talk with Rhys.

It seemed that Rhys and Eunice were not going to have a good night's sleep.

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