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   Chapter 565 Sally's Fight

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There were various things a hostess needed to take care of in a family like that of the Ans. During Carla's absence, Eunice had to handle all of them.

In contrast, Lucy was a mere cover Terence had at the time. In reality, she had never truly been formally accepted as a member of the family.

The CEO of the AJ Group had to be someone who possessed a remarkable reputation. Because of that, it was necessary for Terence to be living a perfect life together with a perfect wife. That was the only reason why he married Lucy in the first place.

The second he saw Terence walk in, Rhys pulled him over to the side to have a little talk.

In the meantime, Edmund was holding Sally's hand as she played around the manor. He bought a bunch of new toys for her prior to them come over. The two of them seemed to be having so much fun, giggling as they played with the toys.

The smile on Eunice's face turned frigid once more upon noticing that her son was left to himself, standing quietly as he watched them play.

He usually was the apple of Edmund's eye and his grandfather would merrily hold and play with him all day. That was how it was supposed to be, him having everyone's attention.

That being said, right now, he didn't have any of that.

"Ha-ha! Sally, what did you just say? Grandpa failed to catch that. Would you mind saying it again?"

Edmund was all smiles as he held Sally. She was truly such a sweet little girl. The way she talked so childishly and sweetly played a major role in her winning Edmund over.

"Grandpa, I said that when you were young, you were probably just as handsome as Daddy! Am I right, Grandpa?"

Sally yelled out in a playful girlish voice.

"Of course! When Grandpa was young, many girls like you were flocking around him!" Edmund told her as he burst into laughter.

He had three boys. Out of all of them, Terence was the youngest and the most good-looking.

It didn't come as a surprise when a lot of people started talking about his pretty face. Terence's mother was also regarded as one of the most beautiful girls in JA city. It was apparent that Terence was the one who inherited both of his parents' good looks.

As the icing on the cake, he even had his mother's poise and grace.

Given the fact that Sally's resemblance to her father was uncanny, Edmund was certain that she was bound to turn into a very pretty girl when she grew up.

And as the An family's precious little darling, there was no doubt that she would end up being everybody's dream girl in the future.

"Father, Eric had been calling out to you several times. Didn't you hear him?"

Trying to hold back her anger, Eunice put on a smile and told Edmund as she walked over toward them with her son.

It was only then that Edmund noticed Eric's existence. Holding his little hand, he said, "I'm sorry, Eric. Grandpa didn't hear you. Come here and have a look. She is your little cousin. Her name is Sandra. But you can just call

more damage compared to Eric's. So much so that the celling even seemed to shiver a bit.

"Stop crying!"

When she saw Sally start crying all of a sudden, Eunice immediately tried to make her stop by covering her mouth with her hand. That being said, she was actually afraid that others might catch her doing that to a little child, so she was at such a loss at the moment.

Unfortunately for her, Sally's cries were just loud enough for Edmund to hear. It didn't take too long for him to walk over to where they were.

"Oh, my sweet littler girl! What's wrong? Why are you crying? Tell Grandpa who did this to you!"

Seeing his precious granddaughter in tears broke Edmund's heart. So, he asked her as he walked toward her and held her in his arms.

Terence heard his daughter crying as well, so he followed Edmund downstairs.

Before Sally could say anything, Eunice opened her mouth and said, "It's nothing. The children were just fighting over some toys. It's not that big a deal! Sally, can you please stop crying? Eric, come over here. Give that toy back to your little sister. Okay?"

Eunice leaned over and gave Eric a wink. She tried to give him a sign that he should let go of the toy right this instant.

"Eric, you're the older brother here. You should learn to humor your little sister a little, don't you think so?"

Upon saying that, Eunice pulled the toy out of Eric's arms. Then, she walked toward Edmund who had Sally in his arms and tried to give the toy back to her in order to pacify her.

Be that as it might, Sally didn't want to take it back and even pushed it away. Wrapping her arms around Edmund's neck, she cried out, "I don't want it! I don't want it anymore! Eric suddenly took it from me earlier. If I didn't let it go in time, I would have fallen to the floor!"

Despite being still quite young, Sally was a very smart girl. Just like her mother, she defended herself well and wasn't about to let anyone take advantage of her.

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