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   Chapter 564 The Hostess of the An Family

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9807

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"There's a rumor going around that Ruth has been an old man's mistress for three years."

"Just recently, the man's wife finally found out about her. The wife became so furious that she chased her in the streets and hit her multiple times. Witnesses even said that Ruth was running half naked when it happened!"

It was rather apparent that Violet was having a blast talking about the miserable state Ruth was in. At the thought of how arrogant and hateful Ruth usually was, Violet just couldn't help but think that it was just karma hitting her hard and that she deserved every bit of it.

Upon hearing that, Rhys suddenly cropped up in Carla's mind. Just the other night, she happened to catch a glimpse of him at the hotel.

Ruth had been with Rhys for some time. However, Rhys decided to leave her because she always had too much drama going on that he couldn't handle it anymore.

"It shouldn't be surprising though. After all, she has been relying on some guy's support ever since she attained her college degree. She's probably going to find another man soon enough. Oh, is that why you wanted to come here? To tell me about that?"

Violet truly enjoyed seeing karma striking back on bad people.

"Of course not! Despicable people like Ruth aren't really worth my time to bother coming all the way to your house!"

Violet replied. Then she glanced over at Sally and Cody. After giving it much thought, she went on and said, "How about we leave the kids to themselves, let them play here and look for a quieter place where we could talk in private?"

Carla found the secretive look on her face a bit weird. "Okay. Hannah, can you please come over?"

Carla called out to Hannah and asked her.

At one point, Hannah was regarded as the best kindergarten teacher in all of JA City. She was already retired. Terence was the one who decided to hire her to be Sally's tutor. When they had things to take care of, she would help them look after her from time to time.

Carla then proceeded to take Violet to the balcony on the third floor. A breeze blew in when she opened the windows.

She went ahead and took a seat on the comfy couch. When she looked up, she noticed that Violet was still standing up and hadn't taken a seat yet.

"Is there something wrong? Why don't you take a seat?"

"Carla! I am so jealous of the rich lifestyle you are living!" Violet frankly told her what she was thinking as she marveled at the view outside.

After recovering from the shock, she sat right across Carla. The servant came in and served some pastries and sweets as well as cups of tea for them.

"If you would like to, please feel free to come over and visit me every day!"

Seeing the envious expression on her face, Carla told her that and smiled at her. Then, she let out a soft sigh and asked her, "Have you ever considered getting back together with William? At the end of the day, you two have a son together.

y! We shouldn't keep the food waiting!"

Upon telling them that, he walked inside, carrying Sally in his arms.

As soon as they turned around and went inside the Manor, Terence raised his eyebrows and glanced at Carla. They proceeded to follow them inside while walking hand in hand.

It seemed that Edmund had turned over a new leaf, and his attitude toward Carla had improved after she had Sally.

It appeared as though he was sincerely being nice to Carla this time.

As soon as they went in, Carla noticed that Rhys, along with the rest of his family, were also here. There was also a little boy with them.

"Carla is finally back! Welcome! Come over here and sit beside me!"

Eunice noticed Carla the second she walked in, so she walked over toward her and held her hand, just as a good friend would, and led her to the dining table.

"Carla, that was really scary! I thought I wouldn't be able to see you again for the rest of my life!"

The enthusiasm in Eunice's voice caught Carla by surprise.

She couldn't help but wonder whether she truly cared about her or she was just putting up a show for everyone around her.

"Sorry for making you worry. Thank you so much for taking care of the family while I was gone!"

Carla smiled back at her despite being unsure whether Eunice was being sincere or not.

Everyone looked so happy to see that she was safe and sound. It seemed like a good start.

The smile on Eunice's face turned frigid for a moment. That being said, she quickly lowered her head and replied, "What are you talking about? We are family! You don't need to thank me for anything at all. You just came back! So just take a good rest! You shouldn't be worrying about the family right now."

"Hey, everyone! Let's all take a seat and enjoy the dinner!"

Carla went ahead and took a seat.

She knew that Eunice had taken her place as the hostess of the An family during her absence in the past four years.

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