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   Chapter 563 Godmother

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"I don't need it,"

Terence responded in a calm and collected voice.

Then, he looked into the far distance while he put his hands inside his pockets. He sighed, "Rainer, can you see yourself living in this place for four years?"

Rainer thought for a while. He then promptly shook his head and replied, "I can't. I can't even stay here for a month, much less, a year or at worst, four. They don't have mobile connection or Wi-Fi. The only purpose of my phone in this kind of place is for checking the time and taking photos."

Terence didn't react. His eyes remained fixated into the far distance.

"But Carla had stayed in this place for four whole years. Where had I been? Where was I when she was suffering in here? I had been in sorrow for two years and completely forgotten about her for another two years. What I experienced was nothing compared to what she had been through. I can't feel sorry for myself," Terence stated with a hint of regret and self-blame in this voice.

He had left his wife and daughter to live in this horrible condition for four years.

Terence felt that he had extremely failed to fulfill his promise of protecting Carla for the rest of her life.

"Mr. Terence, please don't blame yourself. This place is isolated from the rest of the world. No one would be able to find it without a guide,"

Rainer comforted Terence after seeing how bad he was feeling.

"Man-made and natural disasters are out of control! No matter what happened in the past and every circumstance that came with it, the important thing right now is that Mrs. Carla is back. Sometimes, great things come a little late, but eventually, they do come. We should look ahead rather than stay in the past. Don't you think so, Mr. Terence?"

Terence took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes.

"That's true. Right at this moment, right here, I swear on all I hold dear that I am going to defend Carla for the rest of my life!" Terence exclaimed with all the confidence that he had.

He then continued, "If I fail, then I shall follow her to the other side immediately."

When Rainer heard that, he was incredibly astounded. He cried out, "Mr. Terence, don't say that!"

The truth, however, was that no one knew what was going to happen next.

But one thing was for sure, God was very merciful, shinning his light on everyone with kindness in their hearts. They could only be hopeful that a day like what Terence had stated would not come.

Knowing how much they loved each other, God even built a strong wall to protect them for the rest of their lives.

The next morning, a ray of sunlight burst out through the clouds, through the windows and on Carla's face.

"You're awake," said Terence.

Carla heard him as she started to stretch her body that was aching a little from sleep. Then, she opened her eyes and saw Terence who was lying sideways while he was looking at her.

It looked like he had

at her with so much curiosity.

For some unknown reasons, Cody suddenly felt nervous. At that moment, he really didn't know what to say.

"He-hello, how are you? I-I'm Cody. What's your name?" The little boy struggled to get his words out.

Sally looked at this little boy who was about her age, and she noticed that he was a bit taller than her.

"My name is Sandra, but you can call me Sally," she said with a little smile.

Cody tried to say something back, but Sally walked over to Carla and said, "Mommy! Why did you make me come down?"

"Sally, this is your Auntie Violet!" Carla picked Sally up and introduced Violet to her.

Even though they just met, Violet was already very fond of Sally. She was a bit jealous of Carla for having such an adorable daughter. "Come over here! Let me take a good look at you!" Violet smiled warmly at Sally while she gestured for the little girl to approach her.

A lot of mothers with a son would often feel jealous of mothers with a daughter.

Sally wasn't too shy. She walked over to Violet and sweetly said, "Whoa, Auntie Violet? You are so pretty! But my Mommy is a tiny bit prettier than you!" Sally looked innocent as she stared at Violet in awe.

Violet laughed out laughed when she heard Sally. She then looked at Carla and exclaimed, "Carla, your daughter is so cute!"

She then turned her attention back on Sally and said, "Of course! Your mommy was the second prettiest girl back in college!"

At that, Carla seemed to remember something and asked Violet, "Oh, speaking about the prettiest girl in college, do you know how Ruth is doing right now? I remember that she used to bully you back then."

As Violet was talking, Carla reached her hand out and signaled for Cody to come closer. When he did, she gave him a candy.

"Oh, right. I haven't really heard anything from her. Do you know anything about her?" Carla replied.

Violet then responded with a smile on her face.

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