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   Chapter 562 My Appreciation (Part Two)

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"Duke, Cathy, you don't have to worry about it! Trust me! My husband is a businessman. He is actually planning to turn this place into a tourist destination. Don't worry, he can earn back the money he's going to invest in this place. You can decide to stay in this place or go out if you want. If you'd let them, Abbey and Bob will be able to go to other places as well! Don't you also think that it's a great idea?"

Carla flatly told them. In fact, she didn't really worry about it at all since she knew that Terence had a plan.

With the AJ Group's funding, the government would most certainly be glad to improve local economy.

"Are you serious? Then, that means we shouldn't be taking all of these money even more! Improving and developing this place would be the best thing that ever happened to us! We couldn't possibly ask for anything more!"

Cathy exclaimed, holding Carla's hand as she was looking forward to these improvements they mentioned. Turning around to face Terence, she said, "Please take all of these back! We really shouldn't be taking it!"

"Cathy, this is only a token of my appreciation for you for saving my precious wife's life,"

Terence softly told her.

Realizing that these two wouldn't take no for an answer, Cathy had no choice but to accept the money.

Terence and Carla decided to spend the night in the village.

Actually, Carla intended to head back home right away. She knew that Terence had issues with unclean environments. But in spite of that, he insisted on staying for the night. He wanted to have an idea of what she had gone through for the last four years.

For that reason, they stayed in the

case, but his daughter hadn't yet experienced sleeping on a decent bed back then, so it wasn't surprising for her to think that this bed was comfortable.

When thoughts like these came to his mind, he couldn't help but feel guilty for not being able to find them sooner. So, he planted a kiss on her cheek. And since Sally had a lot fun playing around all day long, she soon fell asleep beside them.

It didn't take too long for Carla to fall asleep as well. After making sure that the two of them were already in deep slumber, Terence got up and went outside. The moon was shining in the dark night sky. Mist hovered on all of the valleys as the birds chirped from time to time.

It was much too cold to be standing on top of the mountain. Right now, Terence only had a thin shirt on as he peered at the rolling hills from the edge of a cliff.

A cold breeze blew, causing the tiles of the dilapidated roof to squeak a little.

"Mr. Terence, please take this jacket. It's cold in the mountains around this time,"

Rainer said as he walked over toward Terence to hand over one of his jackets.

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