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   Chapter 561 My Appreciation (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5686

Updated: 2019-11-27 19:04

Upon seeing them again after a while, Sally was brimming with happiness. They excitedly gave each other hugs.

Cathy was very pleased to see that Carla was doing fine, so she wrapped her arms around her and gave her a warm embrace.

"Carla! You actually came back!"

Cathy actually thought that she wouldn't be able to see Carla again, for the rest of her life!

This place was destitute and completely isolated. Rarely did she have any visitors coming by. With that in mind, anyone who had been to this place most probably wouldn't consider ever going back a second time even for just a visit.

"Yes! I came back, Cathy! And this wouldn't be the last time either! I'll drop by every once in a while in the future!" Carla gladly told her, giving Cathy a pat on her shoulder.

"Carla! What is all this? What are they doing?"

Duke asked in shock upon seeing the boxes of gifts being taken out of the helicopter.

"Duke, all of these are for you and Cathy. You have taken care of me and my daughter for four years! I really can't thank you enough, so please accept them as a sign of my gratitude,"

Carla answered as she gave them a smile. There were probably more than a dozen bodyguards who came out of the big helicopter. Each of them were carrying two boxes of gifts in their hands. Carla went ahead and bought some new clothes and food for them. Anything she thought that might be able to help them in some way, Carla brought them all.

Meanwhile, on the top of the mountain just right outside the mud house, Sally was holding a remote controlled airplane and showing Bob how to use it. Given that they had lived all their life in this mountain, Abbey had never seen a toy like this

tay in this poor place was because there was just no way for them to leave due to the uneven terrain that they had in there. The other reason was because their family had been the guardians of this place for generations now. Because of that, they couldn't easily leave just like that.

There were only a handful of families residing in this village. The government had no intention of spending that much money to build a road just for them.

Be that as it might, it appeared that things were going to be very different this time around.

"We can't possibly accept that! Carla, could you please tell your husband to stop what he's doing? You can't let him go around burning money like that! You know just how far away this place is to the outside world! Please say something to make him stop!"

Cathy said as she shook her head and refused the money.

Years ago, the government had estimated that it would cost a little over ten billion to build a road heading to the area. The huge amount of the expenses made the government steer clear of this place. And now that years had passed, it would most definitely cost even more.

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