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   Chapter 560 Returning to the BT Village

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Carla was the one who used to sleep with Sally in the past. But when they came back, Terence started to sleep with her.

Sally was a kid but she had to sleep by herself.

While Sally complained, Carla couldn't help laughing.

Terence looked at Carla who was shaking with laughter and as Sally left his arms he said, "Sally, will you still need your mother when you become an adult?"

"Of course!"

Sally blurted out. She wanted to be with her mother forever and no one would separate them.

Realizing that she wouldn't have her way, she said, "Naughty Daddy. Humph!"

Sally pouted and glared at Terence hoping he would give her more attention.

She looked just like her mother when she got mad, which made Terence feel blessed for having both of them in his life.

He laughed loudly and pinched her chubby cheeks. "Why are you calling me naughty? I haven't seen your mother in a long time. I have a lot of things to share with her. So I asked her to sleep with me just for one night. But then you were crying. So, do you really think I am the naughty one?"

It had been several days since they came home and everyone was busy looking after Sally. The little girl was much healthier. Her face was red and adorable, more beautiful and healthier than before.

Winking her clear eyes, Sally listened to her father and didn't seem as sad as before.

She decided to forgive her poor Daddy who just wanted to spend more time with her mother.

"Well, Daddy, will you be my Daddy forever? Just my Daddy? No one else's?" she asked.

Sophie had told Sally that her little sister got ill and that her father left to take care of the little one.

So now Sally was worried that her father had another daughter and that he wouldn't like her anymore.

"Of course I'm your daddy. I will be your daddy for my whole life!" Terence confirmed with a soft emotional voice.

Caressing her little head, Terence cuddled her in his arms. It was his fault that his daughter was feeling insecure.

"However, there is one possibility..." Terence said and turned to face Carla.

He smiled at her and continued, "If your Mommy wants to have another baby, then..."

Terence paused fearing that Sally would become upset.


e also multiple water channels behind the mountain. The higher people walked up, the more mist there would be. So it was impossible for people to notice that there was a desolate village.

Nathan nodded his head in agreement. "You're right, Mr. Terence. The place is surrounded with overlapping mountains, so it is worth considering to develop stimulating entertaining activities. But it is also a vast place so a thorough study has to be made."

They started making plans for the development program for sightseeing activities.

Following Terence for many years, Nathan and Rainer were responsible for safety protection and work assistance. They had accumulated a lot of experience in their fields and knew what they were doing.

Hovering for a while, the helicopter landed on an empty field at the foot of the mountain.

The top of the mountain was rugged and there wasn't any proper place for the helicopter to land.

The farmland cultivated by Cathy and her family was trapezoidal. Although it was relatively flat, it was too small.

"Carla, watch out!"

Terence said with care, holding her hand to make her slow down. He knew Carla was excited to come back again.

Holding Sally in his arms, Rainer walked out of the helicopter.

On the top of the mountain, Cathy and the whole family had already heard the noise from the helicopter so they went out to check who had arrived. Upon seeing Carla and Sally, they cheerfully started running downhill to greet them.

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