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   Chapter 559 See No Evil

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9107

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Carla turned her eyes away from the night view of the city. Unintentionally, her eyes landed on the balcony right next to their room.

What she saw in there absolutely stunned her.

"Carla, the view in here looks breathtaking. Do you want to—"


Carla interrupted Terence mid-sentence. In fact, she was actually watching the "live sex show" on the other balcony. She couldn't help but be completely astounded about the fact that some people were that brave. They didn't even close their curtains.

When Terence didn't hear more from Carla except telling him to be quiet, he followed the direction of her gaze.

However, before he could see what was going on, Carla covered his eyes and exclaimed, "See no evil! Hear no evil! Speak no evil!"

What Terence couldn't see was a topless woman bending over on the other balcony. Her hands gripped the railing really tightly as a man was grabbing her waist with both of his hands. He was thrusting into her repeatedly. However, Carla couldn't clearly see the man's face.

Carla was not going to let Terence see that bashful scene.

At that moment, Terence's lips turned into a smile, and he giggled softly. However, he didn't take her hand off and just asked, "Is that so? Why are you looking then?"

"That's different! I am a woman!"

In Carla's perspective, it was acceptable for her to see a naked woman since she was a woman herself. However, she didn't want her husband to see another woman's naked body except hers.

While Carla was speaking, she took another look at the two porn stars. Accidentally, she finally saw the side view of the man's face. The familiar face surprised her even more.

Terence took her hand down and responded, "Okay, I'm not going to look. Let's not disturb them. Let's just close our curtains and stay inside, okay?"

He already knew what was going on, and he honestly could not care any less than he already did.

However, she didn't respond nor move. Her eyes were still fixated on the balcony next door with her mouth a little opened.

"Honey, do you have to stare at them like that? Come on! Let's just go inside. We have a big mirror inside. I can let you see as much as you want," Terence nonchalantly said with a hint of flirting. When he tried to pull her inside, he accidentally looked outside as well. Then, he frowned and pulled her in.

"Terence, isn't that..."

Carla wanted to say something but she hesitated. She wasn't sure if she saw it clearly.

That man looked really familiar to her.

"Yes, that's Rhys, my older brother,"

Terence said it out for her.

After she got ready for bed, Carla laid on the bed and doubtfully asked, "I thought Rhys was afraid of Eunice. After all, they

ned again

and Terence walked in.

The second Sally saw her father, she started tearing up even harder. Finally, she cried out loud. Her little body started to shiver as she continued to sob. She looked like she couldn't be any sadder.

Terence couldn't help but feel sad as well when he saw the tears on Sally's cheeks. He took Sally from Carla's arms and said, "Sally, tell Daddy why you're crying."

Sally opened up her eyes with so much tears and looked at him and Carla.

"Daddy and Mommy were not home. I wanted Mommy, but I can't find her anywhere..."

Sally hadn't been separated with Carla for a whole day since she was born. When she couldn't find Carla, her little heart fell into pieces.

"Sally, can you please stop crying? Do you know how much Daddy is jealous of you? Your mommy had been with you every day for the past three years. But look at Daddy. Daddy hadn't spent a day, even a minute with your mommy alone." Terence tried to comfort the little girl.

"Now, Sally is a big girl already, right? You came back to Daddy. Don't you think it's only fair to share Mommy with Daddy?"

Terence tried to reason with Sally. She was three years old, and Terence thought that she would be old enough to understand.

Sally looked up. Her big eyes filled with tears were fixed on Terence's face. She sobbed, "But, Daddy is a grown-up man!"

Her words actually made sense. For Sally, grown-ups like her Daddy didn't need a woman to watch him go to sleep.

However, babies like her needed their mommies.

"Daddy, you're a big man! I slept by myself last night and the night before yesterday. Shame on you for asking Mommy to watch you go to sleep!"

Sally said as she pouted her lips. She was extremely sad and disappointed, leaving her parents helpless on what to do to appease her.

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