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   Chapter 558 Eating Street Food In Fancy Hotel Suites

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Instead of answering Terence's question, Carla chose to ignore it. She just stared at him who was standing in front of her.

Feeling strange at the stare that she was giving him, Terence shook his hands in front of her face and asked, "What's the matter? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Terence, that man just said you were going to hold an activity in which all the products of AJ Group would be free for a day. Is that true?"

Carla asked after taking a moment to construct her question.

Truth be told, Carla was touched by that young couple's dialogue just then.

When she saw how other people could feel happy because of her story, she felt a sense of accomplishment arising in her heart.

When he heard her question, Terence smiled and held her hand. Then as they walked toward the hotel, he asked, "So you heard about that news?" As a matter of fact, Terence deliberately wanted to avoid her question.

However, Carla was eager to know the answer, so she pressed on and asked again, "Is it true then?"

"Yes, it's true. Next week, we'll hold the press conference to officially announce the date of the activity."

Terence knew that there was no point in denying it anymore.

"Wow! That's really amazing! If so, the company will lose a huge amount of money that day, right?" Carla asked him directly. For some reason, she started to become a little keen when it came to money matters. In fact, she thought that it would be fine for one shop to hold the activity. But if all the stores of AJ Group would give its products for free even just for a single day, she couldn't dare to imagine the amount of money that the group would lose.

"My dear, you do know that money doesn't matter to us, right? I just feel very happy and I want to share it with other people,"

Terence said with a bright smile on his face. Before long, they reached the front desk. Terence gave his card to the receptionist.

To him, the most important thing that happened in his life for so long was Carla coming back to him. It only deserved to be celebrated by the whole country.

That was why he didn't really care about such an amount of money because his life had come back to him in the form of this beautiful and breathtaking woman in front of him.

Since Terence and Carla were talking, the receptionist hesitated to interrupt their conversation. When she noticed that they had finished, she immediately greeted them. "Good evening, Mr. Terence!

Please wait a minute. I'll go and call the manager right now!" the receptionist exclaimed.

As soon as the receptionist saw the American Express Centurion Card, and looked up at Terence, she immediately went inside and asked the manager to come out.

In fact, everyone who had watched TV would recognize Terence's face, let alone the employees of the AJ Group.

The employees must pay special attention to their own company's officials.

While the receptionist left to call the manager, Terence took Carla to the sofa beside the desk and sat down. After a while

ly easily.

Terence couldn't help but laugh and hum, "What? Are you going to find excuses for crying now?"

"I just told you what I believe," Carla responded, pursing her lips into a child-like pout. Then, she took a spicy kebab and ate it in one go. She looked at Terence and asked, "Would you like to have one?"

Terence shook his head. "No, I'm not hungry."

Carla was just about to refute, but Terence opened his mouth again. He then said, "You know you shouldn't eat this kind of food that often. Although the food inspection in JA city had always been strict, it couldn't completely prevent some unclean meat from entering the market."

"No! It's really delicious! Why don't you try it?"

Carla said, taking the kebab closer to his lips.

Terence furrowed his brows, looked at her stubborn hand in front of him, and reluctantly ate one. "The quality of the meat is okay, but it's not very fresh."

When she heard what he just said, Carla squinted into his direction. She couldn't help but think that he was being really picky. But she was already used to his quirks because she knew that he was very meticulous about food and clothing.

"Carla, it's actually rare for us to get a room in a hotel. And it's a little late right now. I think we shouldn't waste our beautiful night with just sitting here, don't you think so?"

Terence suggested after looking at the time.

It was already midnight.

He thought that Carla had immersed herself in crying, eating, and reading for too long.

Maybe it was time for her to pay attention to him.

Carla glanced at him, stretched her arms, and stood up from the sofa. She went to the balcony and opened the curtains.

Then, she started to enjoy the remarkable night view of the city. Behind the cloud, the moon watched from the sky as the stars blinked their eyes repeatedly. And the bright street lights below them formed a wonderful picture of connected ribbons.

Soon enough, Terence followed her to the balcony and held her waist from behind.

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