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   Chapter 557 Carla, How About Getting A Room Tonight (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-26 23:06

After all, Cathy and the rest of her family had been of great help to Carla in her time of need. So, Carla thought that paying them back for the kindness they had shown to her should be done as soon as possible.

"Okay, I agree as well that we should go there to show them our gratitude! Do you still remember how to get to that place?"

Terence asked as he held his wife's hand. It's been so long since the last time he was able to enjoy roaming around like this.

After giving it much thought, Carla replied, "Well, I don't really remember its exact location, but I came back with Sally by car from the house of one of Cathy's relatives. We can just head there first, and then we can ask one of her relatives to show us the way to Cathy's home."

The road they took from Cathy's house to her relative's was actually quite complex. She had only passed through it once, so she couldn't possibly remember everything right away.

Not to mention how she got to the village. Given the fact that she was barely conscious when she arrived, she was as clueless as a camel which had inexplicably found itself on the Arctic.

"Alright. How about we go there the day after tomorrow? I will ask someone to get everything ready, so you can also make some preparations if you want. We could fly as soon as you are ready the next day," Terence stated.

He had heard that BT village was extremely hard to find.

If it weren't, he wouldn't have had a hard time looking for her in the past four years.

Carla nodded her head in agreement and said, "I think I really need to prepare something. To be honest, Cathy really lives such a hard life. On top of that, there weren't even any power sources in that village. They still lack a water source as well. Would you be able to figure out something so we can help to make their daily life become a bit easier?"

"Sure! That shouldn

ith this! She has been gone for four long years! There's no way she could actually come back alive..."

"I'm serious! How could I make these all up? The AJ Group has already announced this news and they are also planning to hold an activity called 'Love-Returning' next month. On that day, all the products of AJ Group are going to be free for everyone!"

"... Are you just pulling my leg?"

"Of course, not! This is just some inside information as of the moment, but it will be announced to the public next week!"

Hearing those words from the man she was with, the woman who was crying merely seconds ago burst into laughter and pulled her boyfriend back to the hotel with a coy smile on her face.

Carla was quietly watching the couple as she stood in front of the display window, so she couldn't help but overhear their entire conversation. After a while of being lost in thought, she came to her senses and glanced at Terence.

Terence's gaze was also completely fixated on that couple who just went back in. When the two of them walked back into the hotel, he beamed Carla a playful smile and suggested, "Carla, since we're already out here and we have the hotel standing in front of us, what do you say we get a room for the night?"

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