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   Chapter 556 Carla, How About Getting A Room Tonight (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6447

Updated: 2019-11-26 05:01

The glass William was holding in his hand fell to the ground, shattering into pieces.

This caused the smile on Violet's face to become frigid in an instant as well.

As Theo sat next to Violet, he couldn't help but look back and forth between her and William in confusion. For a moment there, he was a bit baffled as to why the two of them would be reacting the way they did. But after a while, he thought that their relationship might not have been as simple as he thought it was. When he came to that sudden realization, he quickly sprung up from his seat.

"Umm... William, it's just that there was no other place for me to sit down, so I took the one beside her. Believe me. I've only been here for a moment!"

Theo tried to clear things up as he walked farther away from Violet to avoid conflict.


Carla called out to her, sounding a bit anxious. The truth was that she was also unaware that William frequented this place at all.

Putting down his glass on the table, Terence grabbed Carla's hand and proceeded to stand up as well.

"Carla, would you like to go for a walk with me?"

In just a second, Terence pulled her away from the table before she could even give him an answer.

As they walked away, Carla's gaze was glued to Violet, feeling quite worried.

That being said, Violet still stared at the man standing in front of her in astonishment, so she failed to notice that the people around her had already left one by one.

"It's been so long... Mr. William..."

Violet greeted him when she finally came to her senses. At that moment, she held back what she actually felt inside, and tried to put on a relaxed smile as best as she could.

William kept staring at Violet whom he had not seen for five long years as he walked closer to her in excitement. Then, he stretched out his hands and wrapped his arms around her and told her, "Violet, what took you so long to come back?

ing her to sit back down. Then, he promptly took the two bottles of liquor in her hands and put them back on the table.

William proposed, "How about we play a game? I'll down three glasses and you're free to drink anytime you like. And for every three glasses I drink, you'll let me say one sentence to you. Deal?"

Violet had no choice but to take a seat on the sofa when William forced her to do so.

"Mr. William, I think that a man at your age shouldn't be forcing himself to drink a lot!"

Disregarding her sarcastic remarks, William sat down as well. Then, as he said, he immediately poured three glasses of liquor and drank them without a bit of hesitation.

Meanwhile, Terence decided to take Carla out of the Phoenix Club.

As for Theo, knowing that there was no longer a chance for them brothers to have a decent chat together, he opted to just head straight back home for the night.

In that beautiful moonlit evening, Terence and Carla went for a stroll, walking hand-in-hand on the street.

"Terence, I would like to visit BT Village," Carla suddenly blurted out.

It had already been a number of days since she came back. For that reason, she thought that it should be about time for her to pay them a visit now that she had already settled down.

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