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   Chapter 555 Let's Drink Spirits!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7959

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Carla and Violet were talking avidly, so they didn't notice that William had come in with Theo.

"So you haven't seen William since you left him, have you?"

Carla asked with a sigh after looking at Violet and seeing how sad she looked.

Violet shook her head and answered, "No, I haven't seen him since. Carla, do you have any idea, how I'm feeling? I don't hate that woman who destroyed my relationship with William.

But I hate him for letting her come between us.

His love for me was not enough, so we couldn't overcome the challenge lying in front of us. Even if I were to forgive him, probably another woman would show up. As the saying goes, once a cheater, always a cheater! I'm sure he would make the same choice next time. So I left him!"

Violet smiled with teary eyes. She then added, "Now, I know our love would not last forever. So I think I shouldn't keep wasting my time being with him!"

"But it's been almost five years since you left him. How do you know if his love for you hasn't changed?"

Carla stretched out her hand and patted Violet on the back, trying to comfort her.

Carla also hadn't seen William for a long time but, last time they met four years ago, she could tell that William had realized how much he loved Violet.

Some people were like this. When they had someone in their lives, they wouldn't think about them too much.

But once they lose this person, they would find out that they loved that person more than they could imagine. Carla now thought that William was just this kind of person.

"Anyway, let's forget about it! I'm living a good life now. My job is stable and my son is obedient. And the best thing is that I don't have to rely on men!" Violet laughed, pretending to be indifferent. She raised the glass in her hand and asked, "Carla, are you going to have a drink with me or not?"

"Of course I am!"

Carla answered without hesitation. She then raised her glass and cheered with Violet.

As this strong drink passed through her throat, she frowned with disgust. This was a very strong alcoholic drink and she wasn't used to it. She couldn't help but ask, "Wow, Violet! I thought it was white wine! What the hell is in this glass? Are you drinking spirits now?"

That glass looked just like a glass of white wine, and that was why Carla had grabbed it without blinking.

"Wine?! No, no, no, that's not

h her."

Then, she turned to Violet and introduced them, "Violet, this is Mr. Theo. Since you two have the fate to meet each other, you should drink together!"

Violet stood up to face Theo and introduced herself.

"Hi! Mr. Theo, my name is Violet. I'm Carla's friend!"

The four of them all stood up and had a drink together.

Back at the table, William was sitting alone and waiting for Theo to come back, noticing these four people together celebrating.

It was a little noisy inside the pub so he couldn't hear what they were talking about. But he saw Carla sitting there.

William originally thought Theo was drinking with Terence's second wife Lucy, so he didn't follow them. But when he saw Carla, he stood up and planned to walk up to meet them.

Carla was Violet's friend and he had also met Carla before, so he thought he should go and say hi.

Four years ago, news about Carla had been spread all round JA City. Especially when people knew that she was sacrificing herself to save one child, her reputation went over the roof at that time.

Thinking of what had happened four years ago, William walked towards them. He saw a familiar figure and asked himself whether it was Violet or not. He soon dismissed the idea. He thought he wouldn't have the luck to meet her here.

He also didn't believe that the woman he had been searching for ever would appear in front of him so easily.

When he was about to say hello to Carla, he unconsciously looked back and saw the woman sitting beside Theo.

At that moment, time stopped and his heart skipped a beat.

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