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   Chapter 554 Kisses As Sweet As Yesterday

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10068

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Carla turned around so Terence couldn't take back the folder. Then, she quickly opened it and read what was inside.

However, when her eyes finally saw the contents of the folder, she was stunned.

"Terence, so all of the things that you said you remembered are written here?"

Carla asked him, shaking the folder in her hand.

What was inside were all the comic strips that she had created for the company years ago.

All the stories in there were lifted from her most precious memories with Terence.

Terence only blinked at her a few times before looking away. "No. They had just been helping me remember things a little faster," Terence quietly said. He spoke really softly that it was almost like a whisper.

Carla leaned closer to him and carefully tried to look into his eyes.

Nathan had explained to her that Terence's memory had been sealed in a special way by a foreign hypnotist.

However, the hypnotist unexpectedly passed away.

In other words, there was no way to get his memories back right now.

He could only do it on his own. However, with this method, it was certainly going to take ages.

Although she didn't know anything about hypnotherapy, Carla figured out that this was what they would be facing for the next days of their lives. It was the sad reality in front of them and she needed to accept that.

"Terence, do you remember when we had sex for the first time? Could you remember where we were at that time?"

Carla fixed her eyes on Terence. She didn't write that part of their life into the book, because she thought that it should remain private. Needless to say, she didn't want to share it with others.

Terence frowned a little and took a quick glance at Nathan in the driver's seat.

Nathan could sense what was going on so he faked a cough and he even honked his horn.

It actually meant "in the car".

What actually happened back then was that when Carla and Terence were enjoying their first time to be intimate with each other, Nathan was outside of the car waiting. Of course, he knew the answer.

Terence thought for a while before responding, "Hmmm... In the car?"

With his exceptional intellect and his bond with Nathan, Terence soon understood what Nathan meant.

Carla glanced at Nathan. She was not dumb. She knew very well that he tried to help out his boss. So, she thought for a while and blinked a few times. Then, she came up with an idea and whispered into Terence's ear.

"Well, what position?" Carla whispered so softly that Nathan wouldn't be able to hear the question.

Terence raised his eyebrows and pondered for a while. Then, he raised her chin with a huge grin on his face.

With all the confidence that he had, he said, "You were on top."

That one was actually quite easy.

Judging from her actions while making love since she got back home, Terence could tell how bossy she was. So he could only guess that she would be the same when they first had sex.

Carla looked at him suspiciously. Although h

ring him here, he's sleeping at home."

"So, it's a boy?" Carla asked again.

"Yeah, he's four years old. I heard you have a daughter, is that right? Take her out sometime. Maybe we can introduce them to each other." Violet said with more tears in her eyes.

"Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do. Sally definitely needs to interact with more kids of her age." Carla beamed while speaking of her lovely daughter and then gazed at Violet who seemed to be a little worn out.

"By the way, has William ever gotten in touch with you?"

Violet nodded impassively with her eyes. She then said, "Yes, he went to my parents' home and asked all of my relatives and friends about my whereabouts. This year, he came to my house. But, so what?

I've made up my mind to leave him. I only came back to JA City this time to visit you. I don't intend to stay here that long."

Carla got a little disappointed when she heard Violet's plans. "Really? Why does it seem like you're in such a rush to leave?"

Carla suddenly remembered that William had come to her before, asking something about Violet. And he told Carla to contact him as soon as she knew where Violet was.

But now that she saw how Violet feels about the guy, she didn't know whether she should tell him.

While Carla was lost in her thoughts, Theo's voice came into the other side of the room.

"Terence, Look who I brought with me!"

Theo patted Terence's shoulder and introduced the guy beside him. "William, this is Terence. Terence, this is William. Although, I bet you guys have met before. I met William at an afternoon party, so we decided to come here together."

After making a brief explanation, Theo sat down and made himself comfortable.

"How are you doing, Mr. Terence?"

William stretched out his hand toward Terence.

Terence's eyes discretely passed over to the women sitting at another table. Then, he placed a small smile on his face and shook William's hand.

"Mr. William, I haven't seen you in a long time!"

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