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   Chapter 553 I'm Not Letting You Out Of My Sight! Not Again! (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5667

Updated: 2019-11-25 09:30

In reality, she saw Gail on that table. She watched as her little child fell down on the floor. She didn't move or do anything to save her daughter. As a mother, of course, she didn't want her baby daughter to get hurt. However, she knew that if her daughter got into an accident, she would be taken to the hospital. And ultimately, Terence would definitely come and visit her more often.

If Terence could change his mind and take them back to the mansion, everything would be worth it.

However, Lucy never thought that Terence would act the way he did. He just left without a second look at them.

Even when she tried the hard way and sacrificed her daughter's safety, it was still no use. Still, she couldn't get him back.

Meanwhile, Carla and Terence were walking out of the hospital.

"Where did you go? Why did you take so long?" Carla asked when she got inside the car.

Terence followed her and then, he quickly held her by the waist and said, "I made a call to check on the situation with Lucy's parents. And I also asked about Ella."

"Oh? What did you find out?" Upon hearing that, Carla asked in a hurry.

"Lucy's parents already knew what was going on with Lucy. They're on their way here as we speak. They sincerely sounded concerned about her," Terence said as he looked at her with a smile.

He had overheard Carla's conversation with Lucy. He even heard the part where Carla said that he was her husband and her man. Just thinking about it, he couldn't hold his happiness inside.

"As for Ella, she claimed that Lucy had fired her. But I doubt that Lucy would ask her to leave without a good enough reason," Terence then told her. Afterward, he fixed Carla's

ree year old kid. Why would you always have to watch over me?"

"It's not as serious as it sounds. I just meant that you can't be too far away from me," Terence said. He then pinched her plump cheeks. From Terence's perspective, he was not going to let her go anywhere by herself.

Four years ago, he let her go back to BH City for a short while and he lost her, and he thought, forever.

He would rather have people laughing at him about being a man who couldn't live without his wife.

He didn't want to experience the pain of losing her again. He just couldn't.

"Okay, I can deal with that," Carla agreed. She then reached one of her hands to pinch his face back. Terence was enjoying playing with her too much. He didn't notice that her other hand was reaching for the bag.

"Alright! What's in it?" she asked as soon as she got a hold of the bag.


When he realized it, Carla had already taken the folder from the bag and was holding it high in the air. It seemed like she would still find out about his secret.

Terence had never been prepared for Carla's surprise attacks. He just couldn't.

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