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   Chapter 552 I'm Not Letting You Out Of My Sight! Not Again! (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5649

Updated: 2019-11-25 01:23

Terence's heavy look just passed over Lucy and landed on Gail who was lying on the bed. He then said, "Let's take Gail to her room first."

When they had taken the little girl back to her ward, Terence walked outside to make a call.

Inside the room, Lucy's eyes were glued on Carla who was standing on the other side. "Miss Carla, how is Terence? Does he sleep better these days?"

She waited for Carla's response but Carla just turned to look at her. So Lucy continued, "He would always have trouble sleeping so I used to make him a cup of tea every night. He would only be able to sleep when he had his tea."

However, Carla remained motionless. She just looked at Gail without an ounce of an expression on her face. She then responded, "Is that so? I didn't know about that. As far as I know, he sleeps very well at night."

Lucy was surprised with what Carla had stated. However, she tried to hide it and said, "That can't be. I guess you might be sleeping a little too well to notice that." Lucy said casually while she started to warm some milk for Gail to drink when the little girl woke up. She then continued, "That's a little weird though. You share the same bad every night. How could you miss that?" Finally, Carla placed a small smile on her face and replied, "Thank you for asking, Miss Lucy. Terence wasn't able to sleep when he was with you because of me. And now that I'm back, he's not losing time for sleep anymore."

Carla's response made Lucy feel very embarrassed. She started to regret inquiring about the matter.

She had been with Terence for two years. In those 730 days, he had never spent a night with her. In the beginning, she thought that he might h

o do so.

Nathan suddenly stood in front of her and gave her a nod. He said impassively, "Miss Lucy, this is my number. Mr. Terence is a busy man so he might not be able to take your calls. If you need anything, please don't be afraid to call me."

Nathan made sure to put emphasis on his last word. After which, he put his business card on the table and walked out of the room as well.

When everyone had left and only Lucy and Gail were left in the room, Lucy grabbed the things that Nathan brought in and immediately threw all of them on the floor. The anger that she was feeling made her a little out of breath. She shouted in rage, "What a jerk! I took care of him for two years. How could he be so heartless?"

She then paused for a while to take deep breaths in an effort to calm herself down. But she just couldn't do it. She continued, "How could he just leave like that? What is so good about that woman anyway?

Right now, he couldn't even look at me in the eyes!"

Lucy sneered and looked up. Tears were starting to fall down silently as she continued to look at Gail who was lying on the bed silently.

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