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   Chapter 551 Lucy's Plan (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5575

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All you need to keep in mind is that I am the same Terence you loved back then and I am your only man!"

As she rubbed her forehead, Carla gave him a look from head to toe. He was giving off a different vibe than Carla was used to.

Most of his memories had already come back at this point, but something still felt quite different. It seemed that he was more strict and domineering than he was back then.

When they were done talking, they left Sally at home with her nannies.

Then, they head straight to the hospital where Gail was being treated.

When they got to the hospital, Gail was still currently inside the emergency room.

As soon as Lucy saw Terence, she paced toward him looking as though she was about to burst into tears. Then, in no time at all, she held onto him tightly as the tears rolled down her face. "Terence, Gail is in there and it's all my fault! It's all my fault! I am such a bad mother. I can't even take good care of my own daughter! It's all my fault. I'm the one to blame..."

"How did it happen? Wasn't Ella supposed to be with you?"

Terence asked as he held Lucy's shoulders and pushed her away.

Shaking her head, Lucy wept and answered, "Ella... Ella had left us already."

"After I moved out of the villa, she wasn't interested in staying with me any longer. She ended up leaving us just yesterday. With her gone, I had no one else to help me look after Gail. I was doing the laundry and preparing dinner, when... I don't know how it happened, but Gail managed to climb onto the table and she fell down..."

Lucy wiped her tears dry. Right now, she felt so ashamed and looked like she loathed herself so much.

ut all of a sudden. Carla's comments seemed to have offended her.

"Hmm? You have a point. That is indeed true. Your relationship with your family should be none of our concern. Then, I guess you better contact your daughter's real father next time something comes up. Don't you think it's very inappropriate for you to be calling my husband over?"

Carla stated in a cold voice.

She was sincerely trying to help her with her daily life, and she didn't even mind paying for a place for her and some nannies to stay to make everything a bit easier.

But despite that, Lucy wasn't willing to accept her kindness as she wanted even more than that.

Given that Lucy wanted to challenge Carla, she was not one to back down, and she was planning to show her no mercy.

Carla's words were so sharp, so much so that it was just like a knife piercing through Lucy's heart. "You!"

Lucy was already in a towering rage so she was unable to say anything back. Turning to look at Terence, tears were dripping on her cheeks. As she stared intently at him, she called out to him, albeit hesitatingly, "Terence?"

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