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   Chapter 550 Lucy's Plan (Part One)

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On the drive back to the Villa, the air inside the car felt a bit heavy between the two of them.

"Terence, I understand how much you care about Sean and only want what's best for him. But, he's the only brother I have, so I really don't want him to be far away from me!"

Carla exclaimed. If it were something else entirely different, she might have had no problems with it. But she just couldn't wrap her mind around the thought of Sean joining the army.

"Carla, it's not really as bad as you're making it out to be. Even if Sean were to join army, there's still a way for you to see him on a regular basis. I'm going to make sure of that."

Terence tried to reassure her as he put his arm around her shoulder. "In any case, he has to be at least seventeen before he can join the army. That means he still has about a good two years to spend with you."

He clearly understood why she was being so reluctant about it. Ever since their parents passed away, they had to depend on each other to make it through. For that reason, she truly didn't want Sean to go through something so difficult.

Once Sean got enlisted in the army, he wouldn't be allowed to leave until he received a distinguished service medal.

And to achieve that, he would have no other choice but to work really hard for it.

He would probably need to sweat blood for it.

"I just can't help but worry about him! If anything were to happen to him, how am I supposed to live the rest of my life?"

Carla anxiously said, biting her lower lip hard.

Carla had already experienced a lot of hardships firsthand.

Because of that, all she wanted right now was to keep her family together and make sure they were safe from harm. Carla found it hard to understand why doing something like that could be so hard.

She had received formal training with self-defense for close co

was eager to have. It was rather obvious that she intended to use Gail to get closer to Terence once again. Of course, that wouldn't happen on Carla's watch.

When he heard what Carla had to say, Terence was left at such a loss. So, he reeled her in closer and calmly told her, "Honey, trust me. I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you ever again. Just trust me!"

It was Rena's fault that Carla lost her first baby. Because of that, Carla ended up being a target of public ridicule.

There was no way in hell Terence could ever let that happen to Carla a second time.

"Oh? It looks like a lot of your memories have come back. Did Rainer tell you something?" Carla smiled at Terence with a smug look on her face. His memories were returning much faster than she had thought they would.

"My god, women are such complicated creatures. When I couldn't remember the past, you complained that I forget you. And when I actually do remember, you still complain that my memories seemed to be coming back too quickly." Terence's eyes appeared to be glimmering. Right then, he lightly flicked her forehead, raising his eyebrows in protest. After that, he went on and said, "Anyway, you should stop worrying about how I got those memories back.

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