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   Chapter 549 Successor (Part Two)

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The villa was filled mostly with adults, so her uncle was the only one who really wanted to play with her.

Hearing Sally's question, a thought came across Terence's mind.

"Grandpa, there is this one person, but..."

Terence said as he shot Carla a bit of a hesitant look.

He had no way to tell whether Carla would be willing to send her precious brother to the army at all.

He had stayed in the military camp before and received training there.

Once people got in, they would be forced to endure hellish days there, which could be totally unbearable for ordinary people.

"Seriously? Do you have a picture of him, so I could see what this kid looks like?"

When he heard that there was a prospective candidate, Nicholas asked and his eyes lit up in excitement.

This was his one final wish, so it really meant the world to him.

Carla, who was just a couple of steps away, glanced at Terence. Right now, she knew full well what he had in mind, but she decided not to say anything.

It should go without saying that she understood how formidable Grandpa Nicholas's connections were. And she was very much aware that if Sean were to serve in the army, he would have a great future ahead of him.

But even so, she had some other cause for concern.

Indeed, everyone could see how Grandpa Nicholas had been living a comfortable right now, but only a select few were privy to the fact that he had one foot on the grave for most of the time when he was young.

Sean was the only son of the Ji family, so she wouldn't dare to allow him to join something so dangerous such as the army.

"Carla, come over here for

ence took a seat and explained.

Nodding his head along, it cropped in Nicholas's mind that he had already heard about Sean from Terence before. Because of that, he was well aware that Sean had been living a difficult life with Carla ever since he was young. At the thought of that, it seemed that he was someone who might be capable of dealing with hardships, a trait that stood out to the kids of the An family.

"Looks great! But you should know that it wouldn't be right to decide everything just from seeing a photo of him. When you get some free time, go ahead and bring the boy here so I can meet him. If he is indeed the right person to do it, I'll enlist him in the army when he turns 18."

When she heard this, Carla curled her lips and walked over toward them, wanting to chime in on this matter.

"Okay, grandpa. It's just about time for him to spend his summer vacation. I'm going to bring him here then," Terence quickly replied.

Holding Carla's hand, Terence squeezed it gently, shaking it a bit to let her know that she shouldn't say anything about it right now.

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