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   Chapter 548 Successor (Part One)

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Hearing him say that, Carla nodded her head, feeling quite contented.

"I think that's a great idea. And in doing so, they won't feel so helpless and alone. I feel sorry for those poor children!" Carla remarked.

She had no idea what happened to them after she saved them. The two kids were being raised solely by their mother. Their father had become so addicted to gambling that no one had any clue as to where he could be found after getting divorced with his wife.

For that reason, when their mother passed away, the two of them no longer had anyone else to turn to.

"Come over here, Sally. Let me introduce you to your father's grandfather whom you're going to call great-grandfather. Go on and say hello to great-grandfather," Carla said.

She held her in her arms as she explained who this person was to Sally.

Glancing at Terence, and then at Nicholas, Sally found the situation a bit confusing. Yesterday, she had just met her grandfather, and now she found out she had a great-grandfather who was, in turn, her daddy's grandfather...

After thinking about it for a while, she gave up trying to figure it out as she got distracted by the wheelchair Nicholas was sitting on.

"Great-grandfather, is it okay if I take a look at your wheelchair? It looks like fun. Why does it have wheels? Can they actually move?" Sally innocently asked.

"Ho-ho, yes, they can move indeed. Come, let great-grandfather show you how it works..."

As he grinned from ear to ear, Nicholas turned the wheels to move forward.

With curiosity written all over her face, Sally watched him and followed him around.

Caressing Carla's shoulder ever so slightly, Terence couldn't be any happier when he sa

erence sighed and admitted the truth.

Holding Sally's hand, Carla was about to walk toward them, but she ultimately decided not to as she didn't want to get in the way of their conversation.

"Well, what about other ones who are not directly from the An family? Perhaps someone who's upstanding and dependable? Do you happen to know anyone like that?" Nicholas went on and asked.

He wanted to make the most of the time he had left, so he was desperate to find someone to follow his footsteps.

For as long as he could find someone who was right for the position, he would definitely send him to the army and use the connections that he had. He had faith that the person he would choose was bound to make some accomplishments.

But above all else, the reason he was so eager to find someone was because he didn't want the An family to lose its connection with the army.

"Mummy, when is uncle Sean going to come visit us again?"

Sally asked from out of the blue as Carla grabbed her to walk away from the other two. It was just yesterday that she met Sean, so the memory of playing with him was still so fresh in her mind.

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