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   Chapter 547 My Great-granddaughter

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Before he left, Edmund made quite an effort to persuade Sally to go to the An Manor and stay with him just for two days. However, Sally simply kept on turning him down no matter what he tried to say.

Sally had never been away from Carla from the moment she was born, so she had gotten so used to having her mom around at all times.

The only way she would agree to stay in the An Manor was if Carla was going to stay there with her as well.

For that reason, no matter how hard Edmund tried to twist her arm, Sally was still very reluctant to leave with the grandpa she had just met.

On the following day, Carla and Terence brought Sally along with them to pay Nicholas a visit.

The place Nicholas was staying in was a private sanatorium surrounded by a lake. It boasted of such a wonderful scenery on top of its first-class service and medical facilities.

People who lived here probably wouldn't really feel like they were staying in a hospital at all. They could enjoy being looked after by the doctors while the mood was that of being on a vacation.

Right now, what Nicholas needed the most was to have a relaxing atmosphere and a comfortable state of mind.

"Carla, just let Sally come in first, we'll go see grandpa later." Just as she was about to enter the room, Terence grabbed Carla's hand and stopped her in her tracks.

In his current condition, they needed to give him a bit of time to wrap his mind around everything that was happening.

Carla didn't get right away why Terence would say something like that at all. In that situation, she was under the assumption that Nicholas could become even more emotional if he met Sally before they show up in front of him.

That being said, when she saw the way Sally acted, she realized in an instant what Terence had in mind when he said that.

"Great-grandfather, this flower is for you!"

With a carnation in her hand, Sally trotted straight toward Nicholas.

Quietly sitting in a wheelchair, Nicholas was basking in the sunshine with his eyes closed. When he heard a voice which seemed to be calling out to him, he opened his eyes and put on his glasses to check who it could be. As he stared at the lovely girl, who appeared from out of the blue, he beamed her a smile and asked, "... Oh, where did you get those flowers, sweetheart?"

Waving at her, Nicholas asked the little girl to come closer. At that moment, he simply thought that she was a relative of one of the other patients who came there to play and have some fun.

The only people who were staying there were the elderly, and most of their great-grandchildren were significantly older than her.

"I specially requested this one from mommy because I wanted to give it to my great-grandfather as a present."

Sally batted her big innocent eyes as she came up to him.

Looking at her great-grandfather, who seemed to have lost a bit of color in his face but nevertheless still quite amiable and kind, Sally explained.

"Oh? You picked this one especially for me? That means I certainly need to take it then. Come on, sweetheart, would you be so kind as to let this old

e up with a name years ago. It's... Oh, look at me. Why can't I think of the name now?"

Nicholas exclaimed as he racked his brains to remember the name he chose. As he was doing that, he gently rubbed his grey hair. If it were a girl, then he would have wanted to call her...

"Oh, I think I've already forgotten what it was. How about Sandra? We can name her Sandra. I hope she can live a happy life, free of problems and hardships."

A smile appeared on Carla's face and she nodded in agreement, "Sandra An, Sandra... It has such a nice ring to it."

"Carla, you must have had to endure a lot during these past four years."

Nicholas looked at Carla who seemed a bit emaciated, asking with great concern.

Carla quickly shook her head trying to reassure him, "It's alright, grandpa. It's all in the past now. Don't think too much about it, I didn't really suffer that much. I was able to meet such a nice family. They let me into their household and I experienced living such a peaceful life throughout those four years."

"... Oh, is that so? That's good to hear. One good deed deserves another, Carla. Those children you saved back then would definitely feel grateful to you."

When he heard her say that she didn't suffer a lot, Nicholas felt a sense of relief and gave her a pat on the back of her hand.

Watching all of this, Terence went ahead and asked the nurse to bring in two low stools for them to use.

Holding out his hand toward Carla who had been squatting next to Nicholas, he said, "Babe, go sit on this while you talk with Grandpa."

Pulling her over to the stool, he went on and added, "We found out that their father is still missing and the mother had already passed away, so I would have to put them up for adoption. I'm planning to mentor those children in the future. Who knows? Maybe they can even work at our company."

Since Carla had put her life on the line to save those children, Terence thought it would just be right to look after them. It was only by doing this that he could be sure that Carla's effort wouldn't be put to waste.

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