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   Chapter 546 Things Change, But Love Goes on

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10268

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"Alright. But if you can, please try to get back home early so you can spend some time with my father. In spite of everything that happened in the past, you're still his daughter-in-law,"

Terence flatly remarked.

Even though Edmund had never really been fond of Carla, it was time that he changed his attitude toward her as she was now the mother of his dear granddaughter. How hard could it be if it was for Sally's sake?

Even after all of the time he spent with Lucy by his side, Terence never really had any feelings for her whatsoever. Their marriage was just a way to cover up everything that happened and to help Terence forget about Carla completely.

Edmund might not have mentioned it even once, but that didn't necessarily mean that he wasn't aware of the truth.

Now that Carla had returned, it was about time that everything finally went back to the way it was before.

"Okay, I'll try to come back as soon as I can," Carla answered. At that moment, she couldn't help but remember the time when Edmund and Eunice humiliated her in front of everyone. Even after four years, it was still making her feel uneasy.

Sean played with Sally all afternoon, wanting to be a good uncle to her. As Sally sat on the swing, he stood behind her to make sure she didn't get hurt. After that, he played basketball as Sally watched.

Sally was running after Sean all the time as though she was his shadow. It was their first time meeting each other but she couldn't help herself from getting fascinated by this uncle of hers.

And then it was finally time for him to go. Sean gave Sally a great big hug before leaving the Seaview Villa with Carla.

Before they left, Carla asked one of the servants to take a photo of the four of them together--herself, Terence, Sean and Sally.

After having their photo taken, Nathan proceeded to drive Carla and Sean to a business hotel.

In just a while, they arrived at their destination and went inside together.

Sean would have come to Carla's place yesterday if Noah wasn't about to have a meeting this morning. He delayed his plan so he could come with Noah, which was more convenient.

By the time they got there, Noah still wasn't done with his meeting. But in spite of that, he immediately walked out of the room the second his assistant informed him about their arrival.

When he got out of the conference room, he saw the woman who was chatting with Sean in the corridor. Left a bit dumbstruck, he wondered whether this was real or his brown eyes had only been playing tricks on him.

It had been four long years since the last time he saw her. Because of that, he had been so down in the dumps and dispirited during the past couple of years.

He decided to stay with the Hua family so he could protect her. So, when she disappeared, he almost gave up and lost all hope.

It took a long time before he could pull himself together and started over again.

He somehow came to the realization that he shouldn't lose faith because of Carla's absence. Instead, he should do what he could to protect

st to greet her.

Smiling politely at him, she held Sally's hand and walked toward Edmund.

"Hello, Father."

"I'm so glad that you were able to come back safely!"

Edmund gave her a nod before going on and saying, "Now that you're back, why don't you come to our place so you can have dinner with us one of these days? After all, we are family. Let's have a celebration for your safe return!"

Upon telling her that, Terence walked over toward him and handed him some documents.

Sally had already turned three, so it was just about time for her to enter kindergarten. That was actually the reason why Edmund came here today—to get the documents that he would need to include Sally's name on the official family register.

"Dad, I've got here all the papers you're going to need. And I also had Sally's birth certificate done as well," Terence informed his father.

As the head of the family, Edmund was the one who was supposed to take care of things like this.

Since Terence's two older brothers already had their own nuclear family, they were no longer included in the official list with their father. Being the youngest of the siblings, Terence remained, unlike the other two. It was one of the traditions of the An family.

That was the reason why Edmund was the one who had to handle Sally's registration.

"Okay, just let me take care of everything. When you visit your grandpa tomorrow, ask him to have a name picked out for Sally. Anyway, Sally is just a nickname for now. So, please let me know what her real name is going to be when you get back!"

Edmund had broken into a smile as he grabbed the documents Terence was handing over to him. This was the day he had been looking forward to for too long. This moment might have been so long overdue, but everything was still worthwhile in the end.

Not only was Carla able to return safely, but she had also given him a precious three-year-old granddaughter!

For now, the first thing he had to take care of was adding the little girl into his family register!

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