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   Chapter 545 Uncle Sean (Part Two)

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"Terence!" Sean called out to him and proceeded to take a seat right next to him.

Sean knew full well that Terence had been under hypnosis for his treatment. With that in mind, not only had he been sad for Carla's disappearance, but he also couldn't help but feel sorry for Terence. That time, he realized just how much Terence really loved Carla, so he could more or less imagine how much pain Terence had been through when Carla went missing.

For that reason, to Sean, Terence held a special place in his heart which no one could ever hope to replace.

"Sean, you are about to take your exams, aren't you? Have you already found a school that is to your liking? If you want, I could make arrangements for you in advance."

Terence was just as fond of Sean as he was before. The relationship they shared had not really faded away even after all this time.

After all, Terence had always treated Sean as his own brother.

"Terence, I'm just fine. I'd prefer to get accepted into the school on my own. I told you before that I'll be giving you a hand in the future. If I can't even manage to get into the high school without your help, then how could I ever hope to lend you a hand when the time comes?"

Sean remarked, with resolute look on his face.

At the end of the day, he had been working so hard for such a long time. So, he had faith that he would be able to pull it off.

"That's wonderful! I know you can do it. I believe in you,"

Terence replied, breaking into a smile as he gave Sean a pat on his shoulder.

Walking into the kitchen, Carla fetched two plates of fruits and put it down on the table in front of them.

After that, she gestured toward Sally and asked, "Sally, come to mommy. Tell me, sweetie. Wou

e entire year. Things didn't seem to be going too well for him.

"Sure. That's a great idea. I have actually been meaning to pay grandpa a visit earlier,"

Carla flatly answered. Truth be told, she had thought about visiting grandpa from the moment she got back. But she couldn't do that because of Terence's condition.

"I know. It's all my fault, okay?" Noticing the condemning look on Carla's face, Terence went ahead and apologized for it in an instant as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

That being said, Carla had to push him away because she felt a bit embarrassed of him being intimate with her at the moment. After all, Sean was right in front of them and he had grown up a lot.

"By the way, I'm planning to see Sean off this afternoon. I'll just let Sally stay here to make sure that she's home when father gets here," Carla stated after taking some time to think about it.

She more or less knew that Edmund probably wouldn't want to see her.

It made perfect sense, given the fact that he wanted to drive her away before she got swept away by the flood. Her disappearance had probably even given him a sense of relief back then.

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