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   Chapter 544 Uncle Sean (Part One)

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"Sally, come here. Let me introduce you to your uncle."

Wiping off the tears from her eyes, Carla smiled at her daughter as she reached out her hand toward her.

Upon hearing Carla's request, Sally promptly walked over, with her beloved doll in her arms. This situation was a bit surprising for her, so her eyes were wide open and glimmering. Actually, she was feeling rather curious about Sean, her new "uncle". "Uncle? But haven't I met my uncles already?

During that time when we were staying with the Hua family, I met two of my uncles there."

Since she was still quite young, Sally hadn't really understood yet what "uncle" really meant.

"This is my younger brother, Sean. Honey, come over here and meet your uncle,"

Carla knelt down and explained, with her hands resting on Sally's shoulders.

"Oh, it's nice to meet you, Uncle Sean,"

Sally exclaimed, looking up to Sean and beaming him a great big smile.

Hunkering down a bit, Sean stared intently at the pretty little girl standing in front of him and said, "Sally, you're Sally? Come over here. Let me take a closer look."

Even though this was only their first time meeting each other, Sean seemed to have a soft spot for this sweet little girl, the daughter of his beloved sister. In that moment, Sean thought that Sally resembled Terence more than Carla. But in a way, she felt like she was just as naughty as his sister. Such a precious little girl!

"Carla, in case you haven't heard, Noah has also gotten a child of his own. It's a boy who's about five or six months old now. Oh, but a kid of Sally's age is much more fun to be with." As he said that, Sean was having a good time playing with Sally. He sincerely enjoyed being around her.

Upon hearing what Sean had just said, Car

lap. Then, he lightly flicked her nose and asked, "What's up, honey? You seem to be as happy as a clam."

"Dad! I got another uncle just now. So, of course, I feel happy,"

Sally instantly replied, as she glanced at Sean with a Cheshire cat grin on her face.

Even though she had already met two uncles before, she seemed to be more fond of this new uncle of hers. Actually, she had no clue as to why that was the case. All she knew was that she felt much closer to Uncle Sean compared to her two other uncles.

"Really? Then, you're gonna like what I'm going to tell you next. Uncle Sean is going to move back in with us. So, that means the four of us can spend even more time together," Terence softly said as he held Sally in his arms.

Sean and Carla grew up together. So, it only made sense that Sean would be the closest uncle Sally could have out of all of her uncles.

"That's great! I like the sound of that. That means there's going to be more of you to play with me,"

Sally exclaimed as she clapped her hands. The thought of having more people around her made her feel quite pleased.

When Terence looked up, he saw Carla and Sean walking toward him.

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