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   Chapter 541 My Dear Husband, Thank You

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10574

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With 'surprise' written all over his face, he looked at Carla as he carried her in his arms. He wasn't expecting to hear something like that at all, so he asked, "Did I use to cook for you before?"

Now, Terence was wondering just how much he had pampered her in the past. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought that he would ever cook for a woman!

Unable to hold back her laughter, Carla replied, "Yes! You used to cook three meals a day for us when we were still living together in BH City. When we moved to JA City, you would still prepare some meals from time to time."

When they got to the room, Carla went down from his arms and opened the door to check on Sally. However, Sally was nowhere to be found when she walked in, so she turned around to ask Terence, "Where is Sally?"

Terence simply answered, "Don't worry. She's just sleeping in the next room."

Hearing his response, Carla anxiously blurted out, "What? No! She can't sleep by herself! During these past three years, she has barely even left my side at all. I think I'd better bring her here so she can sleep right next to me!" Carla looked so worried as she told him that.

Truth be told, she herself had actually been so used to sleeping with Sally in her arms in the past three years. For that reason, the thought of sleeping without Sally made her feel so strange.

"Sally is already three years old now. I think she's big enough to sleep on her own. Besides, Sophie is gonna be looking after her at night. So, there's no need for you to worry about her,"

Terence said in total disagreement with Carla's opinion. The way he saw it, Carla only had to sleep together with Sally because there were only two of them back then.

But now, things were a bit different than before. So, Terence thought that it would be a bit too crowded if the three of them all slept together in the same bed. But most importantly, he always felt a bit uncomfortable having another person lying between him and Carla.

In spite of what he said, Carla still couldn't help but worry a little, so she quickly changed into her pajamas and went to the next room to check up on her.

When she saw Sally lying on the bed by herself and sleeping soundly, she was able to feel a sense of relief.

All throughout these past three years, Sally had been by her side every night. So, truth be told, she was actually having qualms about not sleeping together with her daughter.

When Carla went back to their own bedroom, she found out that Terence wasn't there.

So, she just waited there until he returned. And after a few minutes, Terence walked in with a bowl of noodles in his hand.

"It's been a while since I last cooked something, so I'm not sure whether it will taste good or not. Go ahead and try it! Eat it while it's still hot."

Putting down her mobile phone on the bedside table, Carla looked at the bowl of noodles he was handing over to her. She was left utterly dumbfounded for a moment there. She wasn't really expecting for Terence to actually go and cook something for her.

"My dear husband... Thank you."

According to the way he was now, Carla assumed that he wouldn't ha

single mother!"

Lucy yelled as she pinched her daughter's cheek with quite a scornful smile.

When she came to know Terence, she actually felt glad that she didn't go through with the abortion. Because at the end of the day, her daughter was the only thing that caught Terence's attention.

In the past two years, Terence became a bit closer to her because Gail was there. She imagined that when her daughter got a little older, her relationship with Terence was bound to become more and more intimate in time.

But the beautiful dream she used to have was completely shattered.

"Gail, can you tell me what I'm supposed to do now? I can't let it end like this! I'm not willing to give up so easily! Gail, tell me! What should I do?!"

Lucy kept asking her daughter who was only one year old.

Looking at her daughter's miserable appearance, she slowly lifted her daughter into her arms and continued, "Gail, if that wretched witch and her daughter were to die, will your father pay attention to us again?

If the two of them are gone, then Terence would have only one daughter, and that's you! Then, I'm sure that it won't be long before I can give birth to a boy for your father. And in the end, we'll finally have a place we can truly call our home and live a happy life, right?"

Lucy mumbled to herself. But this seemed to have only made the baby cry even louder.

Back at the Seaview Villa, Carla was already fast asleep.

She was out like a light, but inside her dream, she was feeling so uneasy.

In that dream, she was hopelessly drifting in the boundless sea, and no matter where she looked, she could not see the edge.

In that moment, she felt like she was going to continue drifting there aimlessly. She didn't know if she would be able to see dry land ever again. And as if that wasn't bad enough, she was hit by a heavy downpour. Moments later, she started shivering, fearing for her life, before finally waking up in cold sweat.

"Are you alright? Were you having a bad dream?"

Terence worriedly asked as he held her shoulders when she woke up shivering all over.

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