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   Chapter 540 Who Made You Into A Spoiled Woman (Part Two)

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In that room, she saw the painting she hadn't finished four years ago.

It was a portrait of Terence standing in the rain. At that moment, the painting was still only half-way done.

As she gazed at it, she had the sudden impulse to finish the painting. Just as she had grabbed a paint brush, she heard the elevator open.

"You've been up here so long. Why haven't you gone downstairs?"

Terence walked over toward her and asked. Indeed, she had been on the third floor for quite some time. Sally had been playing around since they got back and had become so exhausted, so she was now sleeping like a log. And all the while, Carla was still on the third floor.

"Hmm? Why do you ask? I thought you would be happier without me," Carla said, without even moving. All she did was sit in front of the painting. As she stared at it, a lot of thoughts came rushing through her mind.

She couldn't help herself from reminiscing about that rainy day.

Pulling out a wooden stool, Terence took a seat right beside her. As he looked at the painting, he asked, "Is this one of your works?"

"Yup. Can you tell whose portrait this is?" Carla asked, carefully touching the dry paint on the canvas. Right now, there was just a man's silhouette on it. Given everything that happened, she hadn't had a chance to finish painting the background.

"Hmm... Ha! Nice job. I don't look too ugly there. So, are all of those oil paintings in my grandpa's house your works as well?" He curiously asked as he was looking at the man on the canvas. Her painting vividly captured the euphoria of a man looking at the love of his life. It was clear as day that she spent a significant amount of time and energy working on it.

Carla tilted her head sideways to gaze at him, with her bright eyes glistening. "Terence, would you like to know what happened in the past?"

Terence thought about it


The resources in the mountain was very limited. So, it was certainly difficult for her to have something decent to eat, let alone a big meal.

The more she talked about it, the sadder it made her become. She knew how lucky she was to have Cathy taking care of her during the first month. Or else, she would have had to do everything all by herself.

"Alright, aright! That's enough. I am holding you now, aren't I?!" Terence said, with his eyebrows deeply knit. In his head, he couldn't even begin to imagine how much she had to go through when she was living in that mountain.

Carla sniffed and tried to stop the tears from falling. However, it was a bit too late for that now. Because of that, she grabbed his shirt and wiped away her tears. "I'm sorry. Whenever I think about it, I just can't help myself."

"Well, you didn't have much for dinner. Aren't you feeling hungry right now? Because if you are, I will ask Sophie to whip something up for you right away," Terence softly said as he carried Carla to the bedroom.

"That actually sounds great! I do feel a bit hungry. But, I want you to be the one to prepare something for me..."

Carla abruptly lifted her chin and stared at him, with her eyes welled up with tears.

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