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   Chapter 539 Who Made You Into A Spoiled Woman (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6332

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Looking at Terence and Sally who sitting across the table, a smile crept onto Carla's face. She was filled with such bliss that she forgot that she was hungry. All she wanted to do was bask in this moment as she rested her chin on the palm of her hand.

Feeling equally excited, Sally pouted her lips and planted a kiss on Terence's cheek.

They just took a little break after having lunch and were now getting ready to go to the shopping district.

A phone suddenly started ringing. It turned out, it was Lucy who was trying to reach Terence.

While he was on the phone, his eyes were glued to Carla, who was busy helping Sally get dressed.

Lucy seemed to be crying on the other end of the line, "Terence, Gail has been crying for a while. I don't know what's happening to her. Could she be sick? I have no idea what to do! Can you please come over and check her?"

"Is that so? She might not be feeling well. I will send Rainer right away so he could take her to the hospital just to be sure,"

he calmly stated.

Back when he still hadn't found out that he had a daughter of his own, he used to care a lot about Gail.

But now that his own daughter was with him, he was not about to leave her side.

"But... Terence, you know Gail won't stop crying until you carry her in your arms. Can you... can you please come over? It doesn't have to be for too long. Just until I make sure there's nothing wrong with her."

Lucy was crying her heart out. At that moment, she couldn't understand how life could be so unfair. One minute, she had a lot of servants in the Seaview Villa. The next, she found herself staying in a hotel, having just Ella to help her look after Gail.

And even though Ella was there with her, she wasn't really planning to stay for too long. Lucy was aware that she had called her friends in secret to look for another job.

In other words, she was now

she regularly used in the closet and put away the rest in the big closet up in the third floor.

When she was done reorganizing the closet, she headed toward the storage room.

Everyone had thought that she was already long gone, so they had put away all of her stuff in the storage.

She was holed up in there for a while, picking out the things which were still quite meaningful to her. Then, she went ahead and put them back where they used to be.

It wasn't until midnight that she finally finished reorganizing the bedroom. She was so preoccupied with cleaning things up that she barely had anything for dinner.

When she looked at her photos and books, along with all of the other items which she regularly used in the bedroom, it made her feel at ease. Having a warm and cozy bedroom to stay in was what she liked. She took a deep breath to wallow in the happiness surging through her body.

Then, she merrily clapped her hands, feeling quite contented with the work she had done, and she went to take a shower.

When she was done taking a shower, she headed toward the third floor. She saw that all of her painting materials were still there collecting dust. So, after dusting them off, she proceeded to place them right next to the window.

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