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   Chapter 538 Be Aggressive Or Passive (Part Two)

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"It's still too early. Can't we just do it tonight?" he whispered under his breath as he laid her down on the bed.

Four long years went by and not once had he ever had sex at all during this long period of time.

The way he was right now, he had no idea if he would be able to perform well and satisfy her.

Completely ignoring his question, Carla turned around and pushed him into the bed and pressed his chest. After that, her hands went to work and took off his clothes.

In the bedroom, the act of lovemaking began with one being so aggressive while the other was completely passive.

It didn't take too long for Terence to realize that he had just been worrying about nothing. He got turned on in an instant with her being really aggressive.

However, that didn't last very long because their positions were about to change.

"... Terence! Please let go of me. Didn't you say that you have to attend the conference? I think you should be getting ready to leave. Hurry up!"

She had no strength left.

"No. I don't have to go. You're the one who said that I had to postpone it. That's fine. I want to postpone it as well!"

"... No, no, no! You can't do that! The company will suffer big losses if it gets postponed for even just a single day! Your work is much more important than this. Most importantly, a lot of people are going to be affected by it! They need to earn money so they can provide for their families!"

"It doesn't matter! Who cares about those people? I can still support you!"


Carla began loathing herself for not being able to keep it in her pants. Why did she even initiate it?

She shouldn't have done that. She could see what she had gotten herself into. It was

till looking a bit yellowish, and was made into two pigtails. There was one big radiant smile on her face.

"Of course, dear! You're daddy's little girl. If you're not going to stay here, where else are you going to stay?"

When he was upstairs, Nathan had filled him in on the result of the DNA testing they had.

As it turned out, she was really his biological daughter.

However, he more or less, knew it even before it was confirmed.

"So Daddy, Mommy and I can live here and be together with you from now on, right? Sally held her daddy's hand and looked at him with eyes that seemed as though she was longing to be with him.

Back when they were still in the village, Sally felt jealous of Abbey who had her father around her as she grew up.

Her father was always nice to her. Sometimes he would even take her out as they tried to catch fish in the river!

Looking at her daughter's big eyes which were welling up, Terence lifted her and put her on his lap. He put his arm around her waist and told her gently, "That's right! The three of us will be together forever and nothing can ever come between us or break us apart!"

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