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   Chapter 536 She Made Me Kneel

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9853

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Terence hadn't said anything from the moment they got back.

He was cudgeling his brain trying to figure out what he was thinking in the past two years.

"Babe, the biggest mistake I have ever made was letting another woman stay in our house."

Terence knew fully well that he had truly made a number of bad decisions throughout his life, but the worst of them all was what they had to deal with at this moment.

Hearing his answer, Carla nodded her head, feeling quite satisfied. Then, she walked over toward him and reached out her hand. "Alright, my dear husband, let's go have dinner first. I'm feeling a bit hungry."

Seeing her arm outstretched toward him, Terence was on the verge of tears. He quickly grabbed her hand and stood up, holding her tightly in his arms. "I can't tell you how sorry I am, babe. I'm really sorry... I'll come back here and continue to kneel after dinner.

If this can help me make it up to you, even just a little, then I don't mind doing it. I won't get up until you're happy."

Seeing how determined he was to make it up to her was enough to thaw her frozen heart. "Forget about it. You don't really have to do that anymore. Otherwise, people might end up accusing me of being an abusive wife."

"It doesn't matter what other people say. No one else can tell us what to do!"

Terence stated, gently wrapping his arm around her waist as they walked toward the dining area.

Feeling as if trapped inside an ice cellar, all Lucy could do was jealously stare at the intimate couple.

She found out the hard truth that that was what a real couple looked like.

She had been with him for two years already. Yet, Terence had never been affectionate toward her and had always kept his distance.

When they were done eating, Carla wasn't really planning to let Terence go back to kneeling. However, this man seemed to have his mind already made up. It looked like he was treating this as his way of redeeming himself.

He really didn't go upstairs and knelt until the clock struck 12 at midnight.

Carla was having trouble getting sleep, worrying that he might still be kneeling on the washboard downstairs. With that keeping her up, she decided not to go to bed until he went up to their bedroom.

After taking a shower to feel refreshed, Terence headed toward their room and went straight to bed. He wrapped his arms around Carla, who was holding Sally in her arms, and embraced the two of them.

"... Babe, are you asleep yet?"

he whispered under his breath.

Hearing his voice, Carla turned over to face him and touched his knee. "Does it hurt?"

"No, not at all. To tell you truth, I actually feel so happy." Beaming her a warm and loving smile, Terence was completely over the moon.

Even though kneeling on a washboard was such a disgraceful act, it had actually saved him lots of trouble and worked out for him because Carla had acted the part of the bad guy in front of Lucy fo

me from doing it?''

Pressing his hand against his forehead, Terence thought that even if he wanted to take them back home right away, he couldn't have possibly done it. Lucy and Gail were still in the villa. What could he do in this situation?

"Mr. Terence, I tried my best to stop you yesterday, but you were so dead set on taking them back home with you. What was I supposed to do? I couldn't dare to stop you."

Nathan explained, feeling a bit hopeless.

Taking in a deep breath, Terence raised his head and saw that Lucy was holding Gail and walking out of the room. Then, he noticed that Ella was walking right behind her, pulling their suitcases.

Just as he was about to walk toward them, Nathan abruptly grabbed his arm to stop him in his tracks.

"Mr. Terence, haven't you knelt enough on the washboard already?"

"Washboard? What do you mean?" Terence looked at Nathan, with confusion written all over his face.

'Knelt on the washboard?' He couldn't believe his ears.

"You knelt on the washboard until midnight last night. Have you already forgotten about it, Mr. Terence? Well, even if you don't remember, don't your knees hurt right now?" Nathan wanted to refresh his mind a little.

Upon hearing that, Terence realized that his knees were indeed quite sore.

'What on earth happened last night?' He wondered, feeling so lost.

"She seriously made me kneel?" Terence asked in a low voice, seemingly pissed off.

'That woman just came back home, then she made me kneel on a washboard?

And I actually did as she told me to?' he was desperately at a loss. —


As Lucy stood in front of the elevator, she called out to him from a distance, wearing a gentle but sad look on her face.

When Terence heard her calling him, he furrowed his eyebrows and was going to walk over toward her to talk to her.

Just as he was about to move, the bedroom door suddenly flung open.

"Honey, where are you going?"

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