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   Chapter 535 Sweetheart, I Deserve Punishment

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8815

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"Go to the laundry area and fetch a washboard for me."

"... Well, okay, Mrs. Carla."

After Carla said it one more time, Nathan went ahead and did as she instructed.

Terence was well aware that she wasn't planning to wash clothes with a washboard. So, there could only be one possibility.

"Sweetheart, can't you just punish me tomorrow?"

Terrence asked, wearing a bittersweet smile on his face.

Pulling her hand back, she broke free from his grip and walked forward.

As that was happening, Lucy entered the room carrying her daughter in her arms. As always, her gaze was completely glued to Terence.

It didn't take too long before Nathan came back holding a washboard in his hand.

"Mrs. Carla, I've got the washboard you asked for," he told her.

Nathan didn't have the faintest idea as to why Carla asked him to bring the washboard to this room.

Fortunately for him, Sophie was fond of doing the laundry using a washboard. If that wasn't the case, then he wouldn't have a clue where to possibly find one. Since washing machine were more convenient to use, washboards have become rare.

Carla grabbed the washboard he was holding and placed it right in the middle of the living room. "Get down on your knees and kneel on this until midnight. You're only allowed to stand up during dinner time."

When she was done giving her instructions, Carla turned around to leave. But then, Nathan suddenly got down and knelt on the washboard.

"Nathan, what on earth are you doing?"

Hearing this, Nathan's jaw dropped. "Mrs. Carla, weren't you the one who asked me to kneel here? Do you think you can ask Mr. Terence to do such a dreadful thing?"

"But of course! You're not the one who made a terrible mistake, right? So, why are you the one kneeling there?"

Carla said, raising her eyebrows in the process. Then, she instructed him to stand up right away.

However, Nathan refused to do so and simply kept his head down. "No, Mrs. Carla, just please let me do it instead of Mr. Terence. He shouldn't be doing something like this!"

'Mr. Terence's body is so precious! How on God's earth could she make him kneel on such a tough and rough surface?' Nathan thought.

Just as Carla's was about to say something back, Terence walked over and quickly pulled Nathan up. "Nathan, if you want me to be able to sleep after midnight, stop trying to help me like this. It's only going to make things worse. Trust me."

After Nathan got up, Terence took off his coat and handed it over to him. Then, he went ahead and got down on his knees himself.

Carla had a reason for asking Lucy to stay.

She wanted t

aid as she tried to help Lucy get up.

She had assumed that Lucy would go and talk to Terence. In truth, she didn't want Lucy to wait for another opportunity, so she thought she should give her enough time now.

"Ms. Ji, don't you think that what you're doing to Terence is a bit too much? You've gone overboard. If you want to drive me away, I will leave. But you shouldn't be treating Terence like that! He doesn't deserve it!"

Lucy stood up and blurted out.

"What's more, Terence is your husband, as well as the president of the AJ Group. He has his own pride. Don't you realize that what you asked him to do is really humiliating for him?

Carla blinked in surprise and burst into laughter. In Lucy's eyes, she was a very unreasonable woman.

"But he has made such a terrible mistake. If I don't let him know what he did wrong, then how is he supposed to learn his lesson?"

Hearing her answer, Lucy couldn't help but laugh.

"What did he do wrong? At that time, he thought that you were already dead. You didn't show up for four long years. Do you seriously believe that he should wait for you forever? Did you really want him to be alone for the rest of his life without ever knowing if you were going to come back or not?"

Everyone around her told her that Carla was such a nice woman. But right now, seeing what was in front of her, she truly believed that Carla was just a narrow-minded woman.

Hearing her remarks, Carla pursed her lips. She wasn't expecting that Lucy would say something like that.

"Terence, could you please do the honor of telling her what you've done wrong? If you can answer the question correctly, I will let you stand up now,"

Carla told Terence, who was still quietly kneeling on the washboard.

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