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   Chapter 534 Go And Get A Washboard

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10095

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When he got the confirmed news of Carla's death, Terence's life was suddenly at a standstill. So he couldn't remember a lot of things clearly.

But there was one thing that he was sure of. There were 2 years of his life when he couldn't remember anything. No matter how hard he tried to recall what happened during those two years, all his efforts were in vain.

When he tried to think about it, Sally was already 3 years old when they met. Adding that to a year of pregnancy, it would have already been 4 years. But still, 2 years of that time remained void in Terence's memory.

"Mr. Terence, there is one thing that I have to remind you. Currently, you're married and you have a daughter named Gail," Nathan slowly said.

When he heard this, Terence was stunned. His eyes opened really wide as if his eyeballs would pop out of their sockets. Then, without another word, Terence grabbed Nathan by the collar and asked, "What did you say? I'm married? I-I got married to another woman? And I have a kid? Tell me the truth, right now!" Terence's voice trembled. He was so intimidating that anyone who was within earshot would be fearful of him.

"Mr. Terence, please calm down. It's not what you think. Gail isn't your biological daughter. When you agreed to marry Lucy, she was already pregnant,"

Nathan explained with so much patience. He knew that Terence was just in a state of shock and needed to recover. Then, he continued, "And the most important thing is, you didn't register your marriage with Lucy. You just announced your marriage to the public so that Mr. Nicholas and Mr. Edmund would stop worrying about you."

Suddenly Terence was filled with a thousand regrets. He turned to look at the car, then asked, "What about Carla? Does she know?"

"Yes, Mr. Terence, she does. Actually, The moment Miss Carla came back, she immediately looked for you. But you couldn't remember her. She was so upset that she went home to the Hua family with Sally," Nathan replied.

A frown quickly formed on Terence's face when he heard this. He was just realizing how unforgivable his actions were. He didn't know how he could forgive himself for doing something like that.

"Nathan, would you know if something happened between Lucy and me?"

Terence asked softly. To be honest, he was afraid that he was going to hear something that he wouldn't like.

In an attempt to look for possible solutions on how to fix this mess, he was trying to see if there was at least something right that he did.

Fortunately, Nathan shook his head.

"Nothing happened. Ever since you received hypnotherapy, it seems like you lost any ability to be sexually attracted. Lucy had been staying in the guest room since she moved in. The only communication between the two of you is about Gail, nothing else."

The moment he heard what happened, Terence sighed very deeply. He was very relieved, to say the least.

"Nathan, call Lucy right now and ask her to pack up her things and leave the house! I don't want to see


"What are you waiting for? Go, right now!"

Nathan shouted to Ella.

Carla got off the car and handed Sally to Sophie who came to greet her. After smiling back, she said, "Sophie, take Sally upstairs so she could sleep."

"Yes, Mrs. Carla," she replied.

Sophie took Sally in her arms. Then, she carefully went inside the Villa.

Sophie didn't say anything more. She knew that it would be improper for her to say anything under the circumstances.

But she was genuinely happy to see Carla return to the Villa. Lucy had despised her since she started living in the Villa. It was because Lucy knew that Sophie had served Carla. Lucy didn't like her, and Ella also pushed her aside occasionally.

Sophie stayed because she cared about Terence's health. After all, she had been serving him for so many years. Otherwise, she would have already quit and left.

Carla walked towards Terence's side. She looked at Lucy and Gail. Then, she said softly, "Terence, let them stay. It's already late outside.

Let them stay for one more night and they can leave tomorrow. What do you think?"

When he heard this, Terence thought for a while and nodded.

"Okay, you're the boss. Nathan, let them stay for one more night,"

Terence ordered and then he placed his arm around Carla's shoulder. Walking towards the villa, he said gently, "Carla, you can go upstairs and take a bath. I'll ask those in the kitchen to prepare something to eat."


Carla agreed. She peeked at Lucy from the corner of her eye who was following them with stiff steps. She wanted to say something to Terence but she stopped herself.

All of a sudden, Carla called Nathan who was just about to pass by them. "Nathan?"

"Yes, Miss Carla?" Nathan stopped and turned towards her.

"Go and get a washboard," Carla ordered.

"W-what? I'm sorry Miss Carla, did I hear you right?"

Nathan thought he misheard what she had just said.

At the same time, Terence who was next to Carla was surprised as well.

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