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   Chapter 533 He Is Such A Bastard (Part Two)

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As they were discussing these things, Andrea came out from the house.


When he saw Andrea approaching them, Terence greeted her respectfully. He was still carrying Sally with one arm while holding Carla's hand with the other.

"Terence, it's been so long," Andrea smiled as she welcomed him. Then, she turned to look at Carla and calmly told her, "Callie, now that Terence has gone through the trouble of coming here all the way from JA City, you should just go home and leave with him.

It was you who chose to come back, so you have to understand that despite everything that happened, you are still his wife."

Andrea held her hand and pulled her aside.

She knew full well that the two of them should live their life together for the years to come since they were still a couple. That was the logical course of action to take.

As Carla's mother, her only wish was for the two of them to be able to live a peaceful and happy life. For as long as her dear Callie could be safe and sound, there was nothing else she could ever ask for. Even if they're far apart, she would be able to sleep soundly at night.

"But mother, you're also well aware of the fact that there are still other people living at the villa right now,"

Carla protested, trying to lower her voice down so Terence wouldn't overhear it.

"Callie, I know that. I know everything that has happened in the past two years. Even so, do you really think that you can stay here? From the looks of it, Terence is dead set on taking you back with him. I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that we know what he's going to do if you say no to him, right?"

Although Andrea had been living in HA City the entire time, she still heard the news about Terence getting remarried with another woman when Carla disappeared.

"But I think you should know that Terence's blood is not flowing through the veins of that woman's child at all. It's quite possible that outsiders have no idea that it was the case. But I myself, along with everyone in the An fa

er's question.

"What little sister?" With Sally sitting on his lap, Terence didn't give it much thought, so he asked without really paying attention.

Along the way, both Nathan and Carla were beginning to worry about it.

Carla also noticed earlier that Terence's most recent memory was that from two years ago before he even knew Lucy or the fact that he got remarried.

"Have you already forgotten that last time you were holding her when she was about to have an injection in the hospital? She was even crying so hard at that time." Sally yawned since it was already quite dark outside. Feeling a little bit tired, she wanted to get some sleep.

Terence wasn't expecting to hear such an answer from Sally, so he turned to look at Nathan who was driving the car and sitting right in front of him. It was clear as day that Nathan was shaking in his shoes at the moment.

"Nathan, pull over," he ordered.

"Yes, Mr. Terence."

Nathan tried his best to hold back a heavy sigh deep inside as he parked the car on the side of the road. Then, the two of them stepped out of the car.

"Nathan, I'm gonna give you two minutes to explain everything to me. Was there something important that I forgot?"

As the two of them stood there, Terence asked him in a rather low but calm voice. However, it couldn't hide the fact that he was completely serious.

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