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   Chapter 532 He Is Such A Bastard (Part One)

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Since Terence and Carla were currently in the Hua family residence, they wouldn't be able to freely do what they wanted to do.

More importantly, Terence didn't think that it would be right for Carla to stay with the Hua family for so long.

Given that the two of them were married, leaving this household and living on their own should be the proper course of things.

"What? It has barely even been a day since I got here. And I also haven't even seen Sean yet," Carla replied, shaking her head in total refusal.

She had just arrived at the family residence earlier this morning. In addition to that, Sean had already been sent to a boarding school, so he wouldn't be back until the next day.

"You don't have to worry about that. I will have someone take him back to JA City as soon as he returns. You should just go inside right now and tell your mother that we'll be on our way," Terence said, trying to give her a sense of reassurance as he held her hands. This was his plan all along. He intended to walk inside the house with Carla to tell Andrea that they were about to leave.

However, Carla simply shoved him away and told him straight to his face, "No, I'm not going back with you. Now that I'm here, I would like to stay at my own home for a couple of days, at least, so I can spend time with my mother."

She might have said that, but her heart was feeling the exact opposite. Truth be told, she really couldn't care less about how long she would be staying here with the Hua family at all.

Conflicting feelings were flooding her and making things difficult.

What she really felt anxious about was that Lucy and her daughter were still living at the Seaview Villa. If she were to go back there with Terence immediately, things would get extremely complicated. The situation she was bound to face was making her feel so uneasy.

To Terence, it was plain to see from the expression on Carla's face that she didn't like being touched by him. When he noticed that, his eyebrows became deeply knit as he asked, "Ca

that I love you deeply as well."

Acting like a doting and affectionate father, Terence glanced at his pretty little girl. He knew from an instant that Sally, just like her mother, was very smart. She was truly an adorable girl.

"Well, I guess I can forgive you. Mommy, daddy seems to be feeling so lonely being left all by himself, so we'd better go back with him."

Upon hearing Terence's explanation, Sally was so quick to switch sides and was now standing in the same camp with him. She wrapped her arms around his neck tightly and lent him a hand in persuading Carla.

"Sally, let go of him this instant and go inside the house to your grandma," Carla flatly said as she looked at her.

"Carla," Terence called her name again. Seeing the look on Carla's face, he couldn't help but frown as he stretched out his arm to hold her hand. Even though he had the faintest idea why she looked upset, he knew that he had to take her home today at all costs.

It didn't matter what methods he was going to use. Now that they're all here, they had to come home together as a family.

It felt like an eternity, living without her.

And he already lost count of how many sleepless nights he had.

Now that Carla was back and standing in front of him, he didn't want to relive that feeling and taste the agonizing pain of being without her tonight.

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