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   Chapter 531 Carla, Come Back With Me! (Part Two)

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It was only when she reacted that way that Terence noticed Carla's bandaged hand.

"It's alright. Don't worry about it. Some guy was laughing at me yesterday. And he kept jibing at my rough hand, telling me that I wouldn't even pass as a housemaid with these ugly hands. Because of that, I blew a fuse and broke a mirror. That's when I got my hand injured by accident," Carla explained.

"Who is that stupid bastard who hurt you? Tell me right now. I'm going to teach him a good lesson for you,"

Terence exclaimed as the lines began to form on his forehead, holding her hands in his as though it were some kind of treasure.

"Never mind that. I've already taught that guy a valuable lesson. Besides, he seems to have already realized that he was wrong,"

Carla tried to calm him down as she looked him straight in the eyes.

"Why did your hands become like this? What have you been doing in these past four years? Did you have to endure a lot of hardships? Look, even your precious hands are calloused now,"

Terence asked in a tender voice as he gently massaged her hands. With his other hand, he touched her cheek and felt up every inch of her face. It pained him so much to see the marks on her hands which were enough proof that she had been through a lot.

Taking a good hard look, Carla understood that the Terence standing in front of her at that moment was the same one that she came to love. The affection he had for her had finally returned.

"I was carried by the flood into a faraway village deep in the mountains. The terrain there was quite unruly, so there was no way for me to get in touch with the outside world.

ow, Andrea heaved a heavy sigh and answered, "Tristan, I believe that Terence is a good man. What he has been through these past four years is no less than Callie's. So please try not to be too hard on him.

The year that Callie went missing, he had gone through great lengths to search for her. And so did our family. Noah also sent a lot of people to search for her when we found out about it.

But no one was able to find her even after a year-long search.

What's important is that

Callie is finally back with us. And she even brought back her beautiful daughter with Terence.

Knowing this, I have faith that they won't be parted so easily.

Right now, my only wish is that God would keep watching over them. I hope they could live a happy life from this day forward!"

In the yard, a bunch of crown daisies were bursting out and blooming as they danced in the spring breeze. The sunshine felt so warm and bright, which lit up the flowers and made them glisten.

"Carla, please come back home with me!"

Terence said at once, leaning back a little and loosening his embrace.

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