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   Chapter 529 Back To The Hua Family (Part Two)

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Nathan exclaimed as he heavily pounded on his chest.

Seeing how lost Terence was at the moment, god only knew how sorry Nathan truly felt for him. Because of that, he thought that if he told him about every single thing that happened these past couple of days, he knew that Terence would suffer even more.

So, he decided that, at least for the time being, he should only answer Terence's questions without saying anything else.

At the moment, Terence was still disoriented and his mind was completely unstable. He couldn't think rationally the way he normally would.

To Nathan, the way Terence was acting wasn't really that surprising because he had already seen him act this way, during the first couple of days that he was hypnotized.

Now that he was acting like that again, Nathan felt like his real memories were beginning to find their way back and break through the hypnosis. As soon as he learned to come to terms with Carla's return, Terence would probably get back to his usual self little by little.

Peering right into Nathan's eyes, Terence gave him an order. "Please have a plane prepared and arrange a flight for me. I'm heading to HA City now."

Apparently, he still wasn't fully convinced that Carla had really come back alive.

Meanwhile, in HA City.

The second Carla showed up in the Hua family's house, all of her relatives couldn't help but get so worked up!

In a span of four years, Andreas's hair had begun to turn to grey. Now, after seeing her daughter standing in front of her in the flesh, it took her breath away as she stood there completely still.

Running hurriedly toward her, Carla wrapped her arms around her mother. With tears rol

id my eyes on Sally together with your mom!"

Andrea was laughing merrily and tearing up at the same time. It was quite hard to contain all of her emotions.

Later in the afternoon, she went and took Sally to a shopping mall so they could get some fresh pairs of clothes and toys for her.

When they heard about the news that Carla was back, both York and Tristan went to see her immediately that afternoon. Having a lot of catching up to do, they chatted for quite some time.

Since he was still in school when Carla got there, Sean was the only one who hadn't heard the news yet.

Noah had already boarded a plane for a business trip abroad, but the minute Tristan called him to tell him about the news, he came back right away just to see her without a moment of hesitation.

It was a bit later in the evening

when Andrea got back home along with Sally after going shopping.

When she stepped out of the car, Sally was wearing a magnificent princess dress. And as soon as they got back, she excitedly ran toward her mother to show off her new dress.

"Mommy! Mommy! Look at me! Do you think I'm beautiful?"

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