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   Chapter 528 Back To The Hua Family (Part One)

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That day, on a couch inside the Seaview Villa.

Terence sat there with sweat dripping from his forehead. The table that was in front of him had been flipped over and the coffee had gotten splattered all over the place. Frantically opening his collar, Terence gasped.

"Nathan, tell me the truth! She is alive, isn't she?" —

Nathan was left utterly dumbfounded. He stared at his boss for a long while without saying anything. After a while, he took one big gulp and nodded his head, slowly but with quite a heavy heart.

"... Yes, Mrs. Carla is still alive!"

Ever since he heard the news about Carla's death, Terence started having moments when he'd completely lose control. Even after he was successfully put under hypnosis, he would still turn into this from time to time, but not as frequent as before.

There were times when Terence's memory would be in a state of disarray.

In his mind, it was like two entirely different figures had been in constant conflict with each other. The tragic memory, which should have been masked completely by the hypnosis, would randomly flood his thoughts every now and then.

That being said, it had actually been a while since he last got so infuriated like this.

Nathan thought that Carla's sudden return was probably the catalyst that woke up his memories once again.

With a pair of bloodshot eyes, Terence gave him a menacing glare, itching to hear an answer, "Nathan... What are you talking about? What are you trying to say?"

"Mr. Terence, as it turned out, Mrs. Carla didn't really die. And she has finally returned!"

Nathan remembered clearly that a while back, whenever Terence would ask him about Carla, he would always give him the same reply every single time—that his wife w

ittle, his red eyes fixed on Nathan without so much as a single blink. It seemed that his breath was getting much slower than it was a few seconds ago.

"... You also said that she had come back, and with a little girl. Is that true?"

Nathan simply kept on nodding his head in response.

"... So where are they at the moment? Where can I find them?"

Terence asked, with his voice sounding like it was about to break.

Straight away, Nathan gave him an answer, "Mr. Terence, Mrs. Carla has probably returned to her birth parents' home by now. I received word a few moments ago that the two of them had just arrived at the Hua family home."

Terence squinted his eyes in utter disbelief. Hearing those words from Nathan, he was having a bit of a hard time trying to process everything.

"Nathan, if you are making all of these things up, I am going to kill you personally. Do you understand that?"

He felt as though he had been waiting for an eternity. If she was still alive, why didn't she come back much sooner?

Why did she only decide to show up now after all these years?

"I, Nathan, swear on my grave that I am not lying to Mr. Terence!"

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