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   Chapter 527 What Was Happening To Terence (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6041

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Terence's words were like a jagged knife, ripping through her heart cruelly.


Carla suddenly roared. She struggled out of Terence's hands, took the bottles on the counter and smashed them toward the mirror.

With a loud bang, the mirror broke into several pieces. She picked up one piece that was the closest to her and without a second of breath, she scratched it towards her hand!

"Are you crazy? What are you doing!?"

Terence shouted as he tried to grab her bloody hand.

"Don't stop me! Why are you stopping me? I just came back for you! You told me before that you couldn't live without me. That was what I have been telling myself, that I couldn't die for the past four years! All this time, I thought that you were waiting for me! So I did everything I could to keep myself alive, just so I could come back to you!

Do you know how hard it has been for me for the past four years? I thought that when I could finally come back, you would care about me, hold me, and say that you don't care about everything that happened in the past as long as I'm finally back, that I'm alive and we can finally be together again!"

Carla looked at Terence with so many tears flooding her face. However, the tears did not conceal the despair from her eyes.

She continued, "But when I came back, I found out that everything had changed. You have changed. Everything was not like it used to be! So there is no need for me to be alive! Just let me die!

You've already forgotten about me, right? Then I'll just disappear so you can completely forget about me!"

Carla cried out desperately. The blood on her hand was daunting and direful. There was too much blood oozing from the cut, as if her hand was wrapped in red silk.

Terence could only stare at the blood on her hand, stunned. At t

d made his way out of the hospital.

"I'll be right on it,"

Nathan answered while he looked at Terence with a little worry.

At the AJ Building, Terence was not in his normal state for the whole day. When Nathan noticed what was happening, he asked Terence's assistant to cancel all of his remaining appointments that day.

"Mr. Terence, are you okay?"

Nathan came into Terence's office with a cup of coffee.

Terence got up from his office chair and went to the sofa to take a rest. "Nathan, cancel everything in my schedule for today. I'll deal with those things tomorrow. Don't let anyone disturb me. I'm just going to take a rest."

"Yes, Sir. This has been noted,"

Nathan said while he nodded in response. He didn't mention that he had already done that. Instead, he placed the coffee on the table in front of Terence and then went out of the office right away.

Several hours had passed since then and Nathan had stayed outside of Terence's door.

He had been standing guard in case someone were to disturb him. Just then, he heard a loud voice from the inside. As soon as he pushed the door open, his eyes widened with what he saw inside.

"Mr. Terence!" shouted Nathan.

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