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   Chapter 525 Are You Done (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5503

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"I've already sent Miss Sally's hair and yours for the test. We'll get the results soon enough."

Rainer responded while he followed Terence outside.

Actually, it shouldn't have been necessary to have a DNA test. If Terence hadn't lost his memory, he would not ask for the test at all. The test was just to double-check if Carla was telling the truth.

Back in the ward, Carla took out the toy that she bought for her daughter. Her poor Sally had spent three years living in the mountains and had never owned a decent toy. All her toys were from Cathy, who made dolls out of torn clothes. That was the best that they could offer her.

"Mom, is Dad going to visit me tonight?"

Sally held on to the doll in a pink dress. However, no matter how attractive the toy was, it just couldn't compare to the comfort of having her Daddy in there with her.

To be honest, when Sally saw her Dad outside, holding another child in his arms, she felt really sad.

She couldn't afford to share her Dad with anyone else. And she didn't want her Dad to hold any kid besides her. For so long, she had been seeking the warmth of having a father.

So when she saw another kid clinging onto her Dad, it really made her upset. She would have accepted sharing her Dad if the kid was her biological brother or sister. Just like Bob and Abbey who were born by the same dad and mom. Only then would Sally consider to share a bit of her Dad's love.

"I have no idea." Carla responded and sighed heavily. When she saw how disappointed Sally looked, Carla brushed Sally's soft hair with her fingers. She then comforted her daughter, "But don't worry my child. Y

. I'll be finished in half an hour. Can she wait for me for a little while longer?" Terence was in the middle of a business dinner at that moment. Once he was finished with dinner, including the travel time to the hospital, it would almost be ten o'clock by then.

"Fine. Hurry up then."

After Carla hung up the phone, Sally's eyes glimmered when she asked, "Is Dad coming?"

"Yes, he is. But he'll arrive a bit later. How about you take a nap first? I'll wake you up when your Dad arrives. You would want to have energy when he arrives right?" Carla held Sally's shoulders and tucked her in the blanket.

"Fine. But promise me that you're going to wake me up as soon as he arrives."

Sally could barely open her eyes right then.

Besides, she had taken some medicines that evening. She was totally sleepy at that time.

Soon enough, she fell asleep, safe and sound.

When Carla saw how comfortable Sally was sleeping, she couldn't help but feel a bit sleepy as well.

By the time Terence arrived, the only thing that greeted him was Carla and Sally sleeping soundly on the bed.

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