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   Chapter 522 I Want My Daddy Too! (Part Two)

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Even without a thermometer, Carla knew that Sally was burning up with a fever just by feeling how high her temperature was.

She didn't have the time to figure out Sally's exact temperature. Carla immediately looked for a wet towel, soaked it with cold water and washed Sally's face with it. Then, she changed her daughter's clothes and headed for the hospital immediately.

A doctor attended to Sally as soon as they reached the hospital. After a few tests, the doctor diagnosed that Sally had mild pneumonia. She needed to be hospitalized. However, the process required Carla to bring Sally's official ID.

Suddenly, Carla was facing a problem that she didn't know how to solve.

She didn't give birth to Sally in a hospital. So Sally didn't have a birth certificate nor a record of living by the government. Carla was suddenly at a loss on what to do.

The hospital would only accept Sally after they had met all the requirements of the proper process.

The doctor gave Sally an injection of antibiotics to bring her fever down. Carla then took Sally out and tried to find a solution.

She reached out for her phone and immediately called the once person in the city that she thought would be able to help her. "Hey, Rainer," Carla softly greeted as soon as the call got through.

"I'm at JA Hospital right now. What? You're here too? Where are you? In the Vaccination department? Okay, we're not that far from you. I'm coming over there. I'll tell you what happened later!"

With just a few exchanges, she found out that Rainer was in the hospital as well. Fortunately for her, they weren't that far from each other.

With Sally in her arms, she walked to the Vaccinati

, Sally wouldn't dare to say anything when Carla had already raised her voice at her. However, she knew her daddy was there to back her up so she was brave to ignore her mother.

Terence frowned. He then passed Gail to Lucy who was standing behind him.

"Take Gail and go home first."

Lucy took Gail and turned to the crying girl in Carla's arms. "But, Terence..."

She wanted to ask him to go with them, but she didn't have the courage to do so.

"Just go," Terence outright stated.

Lucy didn't have a choice but to take Gail and leave.

Sally immediately saw that Terence's arms were finally empty. She didn't care about her weak and burning body. She struggled out of Carla's arms and ran to Terence.

"Daddy! It hurts so much! The Doctor said I have a fever but it feels like I'm dying already. That bad doctor even poked me with a needle! It hurts so much!"

Sally was actually feeling a lot of pain. It was not just because of the fever. A part of it was from seeing her father caring for another child. So without thinking about it too much, she ran to Terence, held his leg and complained to him.

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