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   Chapter 521 I Want My Daddy Too! (Part One)

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Carla sat on the couch and asked Rainer to sit down as well.

"Does he have a good relationship with his wife?"

She managed to croak the question. Even though she looked brave, her voice betrayed her. The reality was that even just the memory of seeing him for the first time with his new wife and daughter would knock the air out of her lungs.

Rainer meekly shook his head before responding.

"He doesn't. I know everything looks fine on the outside. They could fool everyone in the city, but Nathan and I know it's nothing like that."

"Is that so? How did they conceive a daughter then?" Being reminded of the little girl that she saw, Carla felt tremendous pounding on her chest. She couldn't tell if it was pain, hesitation or fear. All she knew was that it felt really heavy on the inside, like a whole building had just collapsed in her heart and she was having a hard time recovering from it.

"Miss Carla, you don't really have to worry about her. When Mrs. Lucy got married to Mr. Terence, she was already pregnant. The little girl that you saw with them is not Mr. Terence's biological daughter,"

he explained earnestly. It was their family's most kept secret at that time. As to be expected, not a lot of people knew about it.

The new information stunned Carla for a while. It was overwhelming to say the least. She then asked, "Why would he do that? Why would he marry a woman who was already pregnant?"

Rainer scratched his head again and replied with embarrassment, "Miss Carla, I can only tell you this much. You have to find out the rest of the story on your own." Carla carefully listened to his every word. He paused for a little while before continuing, "The important thing that you should know is although Mr. Terence couldn't re

he believed she could do it. As long as he hadn't fallen in love with someone else, she was going to help him get his memory back.

Carla was finally back. She was the wife whom Terence truly loved. Step by step, she would take back everything that belonged to her.

Her daughter was going to get the love that she very much deserved from her father. She was going to get back the love that Terence had for her. She was going to take back her family. The days of perils and tears were over. She was going to take back the life that she once had.

Carla took a bath and went to bed straightaway. Although it was already very late when she went to bed, for the first time in a very long while, she slept soundly.

When morning came, she was woken up by the feeling that there was something wrong. Half-asleep, she turned to where Sally was sleeping and touched her arm.

Her eyes immediately opened really wide when she felt that Sally's body was unusually hot. Suddenly, she was completely awake. She sat up straight and touched Sally's forehead. The worry rose up to her veins when she felt that Sally's forehead was burning. Her cute face was almost as red as an apple.

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