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   Chapter 520 My Daughter Or Not (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6700

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Terence flatly said. Then, he proceeded to enter the bathroom.

When he walked out of the shower, he noticed that Lucy was still there. She was sitting on the couch. He couldn't help but frown seeing that she had not left yet, "What are you still doing here? Do you need anything?"

Lucy sprung up from the couch and glanced at the tea on the table. "I am just waiting for you to finish the tea, so I can take the cup with me when I leave."

As soon as he heard that, Terence grabbed the cup of tea, gulped it all down and handed the cup over to her.

"Terence, Gail is scheduled for vaccination tomorrow. She's going to cry really hard if you're not there with her..." Lucy told him as she looked at him straight in the eyes. From the tone of her voice, she seemed a bit worried.

"Got it. Is it tomorrow morning? I'll just go to work after she's done with it. I'll stay with her until then." Without thinking twice, he agreed to accompany her.

Hearing his response, Lucy felt glad. A big smile crept onto her face as she nodded her head, "Is there anything else?" Terence asked again. He felt a bit irritated when he realized that she seemed to have no plans of leaving the room just yet.

Shaking her head in response, she replied, "That's about it. Have a good night's rest then."

She then turned around and walked out the room holding the cup in her hand.

Finally, he had the room to himself now that Lucy was gone. He sat on the couch and massaged his temples in an attempt to relieve the slight headache he was having. After a while, the exhaustion finally caught up with him, so he decided to go to bed.

Just as he was about to sleep, he heard his phone ring. As it turned out, it was Nathan who was calling him.

"Mr. Terence, I was able to find Ms. Carla's whereabouts!"

Nathan said, obviously feeling so excited about it.

However, his excitement didn't last very long. Lying in his bed, Terence replied, "So what? I don't need to hear that right now. Just tell me abo

m anyone other than Terence, she was forced to do so. Finding out the truth had stripped her of her pride.

As he mentioned earlier, Rainer had booked a room for her in a nearby hotel.

"Thank you, Rainer. Thank you for your generosity." Carla sincerely appreciated this kind gesture of his. Knowing full well that Terence didn't send him over, she figured out that he was the one who paid for everything out of his own pocket.

"No need to thank me, Miss Carla. It's my pleasure to do it for you! I just hope you don't blame Mr. Terence for everything that happened. What my brother said was true. Mr. Terence hasn't really been himself for a long time now. At the rate that he was going back then, he was bound to torture himself to death, no doubt about it. So, we didn't really have much choice at the time. I hope you could find it in your heart to try and understand him,"

Rainer said with a heavy heart.

Glancing over toward her daughter, Carla wanted to make sure that she was already in deep slumber before she headed out of the bedroom. As she walked toward the couch, she asked, "Rainer, there are some things that I've been meaning to ask. And I want you to be completely honest with me. Would that be alright?"

"Go ahead, Miss Carla. I'm all ears,"

he replied without even a single moment of hesitation.

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